Sunday, November 15, 2009

An overview of my beadwork

Since my open house on Thursday I have had several people tell me they felt bad they missed it and was there somewhere they could see my "work" - so I am sending them here to get a feel for the wide range of necklace/earring sets that I have created. For those of you who have seen most of my jewelry I will apologize for the repeat. For those of you who want to look over the posts in this blog you will have a chance to read my feelings about the different sets as I give a quick overview of the different pieces. I will also give you prices but remember these are the prices for Petal Soft Jewelry and anyone who purchases a piece or two through this blog site (by emailing me at get a 20% discount. For those of you who live close enough I can hand deliver ...or, if necessary I can mail things out at $2 a set for postage, and $1 for each additional set. Tax is included in the cost of the jewelry. Or you can go to my site at and order through there (paypal anyone??!!)

Enuff of that stuff - I hope you enjoy these. I have had a lot of fun creating them all! There are all different styles and designs so if you don't like the first few, keep looking!

This is one of my favorite styles - a simple illusion necklace with Swarovski crystals spread out every inch and a half apart. This necklace can be custom created for you in pink, green, turqouise, blue, lavender, purple, yellow, oraqnge, brown - you get the picture. That is what my custom ordering is all about - your color favorite color on a silver or gold or copper toned chain, a magnet or toggle or lobster claw closure. The earrings can be duplicated - on a fish eye earring wire or in silver or gold toned clip. As you look through the pictures you will see triple and double and single dangles, loops, etc. CUSTOM MADE!!

This Mother of Pearl pendant is gorgeous on a copper chain with beadwork of silver and green pearls and crystals. The matching earrings have bits of chain dangling below the beads. Double click on the picture to get a close up. $25 for the set.

This pendant is a dichroic glass in black and copper and orange - the pendant hangs off of the beadwork you can see in front of the flower with black pearls above it. $25 for the set.
This is an ankle bracelet made up of real polished amethyst tear drop beads. 10 1/2 in length it sells for only $12.

This was a fun set to make. The center bead is a glass bead that looks like old fashioned porcelain with a soft pink rose painted on it. The bead work is a combination of pink and silver beads hanging on a double row beneath silver toned chain connected by silver butterflies. The earrings highlight the same silver butterflies with matching beads dangling beneath them . The 30 inch long necklace and earring set sell for $20.00
I called this necklace Red Satin Elegance - with the red satin beads and large clear crystal beads it would look so elegant with just the right necklince. The earrings are made of red satin beads and lead crystals. The set sells for $18.00. The necklace is 22 inches in length
This necklace nestles right at your collarbone - 18 inches in length with three silver wildflowers with gorgeous hot pink Swarovski crystals and pink pearl beading between them, all hanging off silver toned double chain. Earrings combine the beadwork and chains. $22 for the set.
This lacy black pendant is about 1 1/2 inches in length. The pendant hangs off a necklace of glass and plastic beads in various tones of black, grey and silver. The necklace is 21 inches in length and sells for only $15 with the matching earrings

This gorgeous rope is made up of 46 inches of bright silver chain with clusters of pink and magenta beads all hand wired into a large cluster of beads where the two chains connect. More smaller clusters dangle all the way down to the bottom of the chain. Matching earrings on hypoallergenic earring wires. The set has been marked down to $25 (remember- you can take 20% off of that!)

This triple strand necklace is made up of topaz toned beads with gold accents and tigers eye rocks. Gold toned chain strands loop above and below the beaded strand. The strands are 24 inches, 27 inches and 30 inches in length with a gold toned screw type closure. That closure could easily be changed to a toggle type closure. I wouldn't suggest a magnet closure on this one because the stones are a little too heavy. $20.00 for the set.
This is a fun necklace - it would look great with that little black dress OR just as nice with a pair of jeans and blouse! It is beaded onto memory wire - it will always remember its shape!! The beads are a combination of glass beads, magnet beads and plastic beads. The earrings set it off to a T! The set sells for $15.00
The agate pendant on this necklace is what started all of this fun!! In February while Ed and I and my dad were perusing the open air shops in Quartzsite Arizona I saw this piece of beautiful polished rock. I thought - hmm, that would make a pretty necklace, and before I knew it I was knee deep in beads and bead making equipment. I have been truly amazed at the ideas that pop up in my head and after about a month and a half I decided that I needed to try and sell some of my designs in order to sustain my habit!!! It has been so much fun. I always knew I was a crafty type person but never an artsy one. I even wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for necklaces! This set is truly a One of a Kind - the different beads in it are irreplaceable. The strands of the necklace are 18", 20" and 25 " in length. The set sells for $25.00
I call this the mottled ebony butterfly necklace set- it is a type of dichroic glass in silver and black hanging off of one of two strands of beadwork all hung on an antique silver toned chain. It sells for $24.oo
This is Kathleens necklace. She brought over a watch bracelet for me to match. What fun - I went to four different craft stores looking for the matching beads. The pale yellow glass pearl maches her bracelet exactly. Kathleen doesn't have pierced ears so I put the dangles on silver clip earrngs. The flower hook closure on the left side was so pretty I decided to place it there instead of at the back of the neck. This one is not for sale - sorry...already sold!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Three new necklaces

20% discount on ALL ITEMS!! Pick what you want and email your order to me at

Or -

if there is something you want in a different color - I will custom make something just for you1

Pastel Rainbows - this is one of my illusion necklaces - I have combined pink, blue, lavender, and green Swarovski crystals and also spaced the crytals closer together than normal

The matching earrings are made up in the same soft pastels as the necklace. Because of the number of Swarovski crystals this set would sell for $25.00 for necklace and earrings

Teal and Copper - this one needs a name!!! Any suggestions. The beads are amazing - almost dichroic glass with bits of copper and teal and gold that simply glow. The rectangle beads are accented with copper spacer beads , turquoise toned Swarovski crystals and soft turquoise pearls. This set will sell for $20.00 a set.
This striking necklace has a four inch drape of sequins and beads - the drape hangs off an antique gold arc with a combination of amethyst toned Swarovski crystals and antique gold toned rose beads. The earrings are loops of crystals and rose beads hanging from antique gold posts. This set sells for $25.oo for the necklace and the earrings.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A couple spots of beauty

Its been a really busy week and with half of my beads sitting in my trailer that is parked up at Mtn Home Air Force Base, it is difficult to be able to make necklaces. But here are a couple more that I need to get up on Etsy.
This one is called Peach Beauty. It is actually two separate necklaces and when I put it on with the blouse I was making the set for, I found it was too much for me so I only wore the main necklace without the soft delicate second one. The main necklace is made up of a deep peach Swarovski crystal and soft pink Swarovski pearls (a glass pearl that is richer and warmer in tone - they cost more, like the crystals, but are worth it. I can easily pick out the Swarovski pearls that are mixed in my bead box with the other glass pearls! It surprised me.

The pendant is a rich warm peach colored shell with variations of peach and tans. The whole necklace is acented with gold toned findings. The necklace closes with a large gold toned magnet.

The earrings are triple dangles with the same Swarovski pearls and crystals plus the other beads matching those in the necklaces. Each grouping is hand coiled and hangs off a small gold chain. Hypoallergenic earring wires.

The necklaces and earrings sell for $30 for the set (less my normal 20% discount for items sold from this site) at $24 that is a steal.

The second necklace turned into something soft and delicate with the small copper chain draping the sides of the necklace. The beading is a combination of burgandy 4mm Swrovski crystals and larger flat square glass beads. The pendant is an elegant shell with a burgandy and pearl toned mum painted on the shell itself. I used copper findings with this set as it set off the tones in the beads beautifully. The copper toggle closure adds beauty in its own right to the 21 inch long necklace.

The earrings were another fun experiment. When I first made this necklace I had a second copper chain accenting it - I used the elongated circles in that chain to frame a single drop of beads from a hypoallergenic earring wire - again with the copper and burgandy combination. I loved the earrings because they are original but I didn't like the extra chain below the pendant. So I took it off and attached the small copper chain at the sides to droop becomingly. It was a fun necklace to make and I can't wait to get to wear the set.

This is a closeup of the mum on the pendant. So beautifull. And when I bought this pendant there were three of them in the package - all of them were beautiful but this was my favorite design. This set sells for $30.00

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome back!

There are only six new pictures to show you today - the screen on my camera broke and although it still takes pretty good pictures I can't see what I am taking pictures of!! I just point and shoot and hope I have the picture centered. I am going to have to break down and buy me a new camera (especially BEFORE I go to Hawaii in October!)

Anyway - here are the last six that I have taken pictures of - I will try and add more this week.

This necklace is titled Hot Pink Moon - when I found this pendant I went right home and made a necklace out of it. I am worried that the earrings are too much with the necklace - at least for my taste. I wore it to church Sunday but switched earrings with another single dangle that wasn't quite so bold. But that is my taste and I know there are alot of people out there that love the bling. That's what makes life so fun - anyway this set sells for $28.00 because I paid full price for the pendant (!) and all of the Swarovski crystals in it (32!!). There is a softer picture of it below.

This black and silver "dotted swiss" pendant has been in my 'to do' box for some time. I finally decided it looked best on just a silver wire!! The earrings are small replica's of the pendant. This set is called Ovals and Rectangles (the rectangular pendant is attached to the chain by oval jump rings) and is only $15 for the set
Again, there is a second picture below - this only shows of the pendant much better.

This necklace is called "Beauty of the Earth" because of the earthtones involved - shells and rock beads are part of the bead work and then the charms that dangle off the chains are butterflies, leaves and feathers. It has an earthy feel and is a fun necklace set to wear. Especially fun are the earrings which highlight a gold flower on one dangle and a gold butterfly on the other- this set sells for $26.00 for the necklace and earrings.

Green is in this fall and this necklace was just redone with golden toned chain and earrings. The bracelet has been sold although I could make another like it. The bracelet is made with memory wire so it wraps around the wrist rather than a clasp closure. The earrings are in the same multiple green tones with the same chain as the necklace. The necklace and earrings sell for $18.00 - The bracelet is an additional $7 or $25.00 for the whole set.

This is the necklace made of pearls and chains that I talked about in my grandmasusansspot blog. Most of my designs come from inside my head but I saw this one in a beadbook and loved it. It is made of pale pink glass pearls and silver toned chains with beautiful silver spacer beads connecting the two sections together. The matching earrings are a single drop of pearls and silver beads. This set sells for $18.00 and it would be interesting to try the design in a different color of pearl and maybe a gold chain instead of the silver.I have saved the best for last with this one - also the most expensive set I have made so far. Two things add to the cost of this design. First of all the pendant is a Lia Sophia pendant - anyone that has attended a Lia Sophia party knows the quality of this jewelry. This pendant is no longer available in the catalog - double click on the picture and enlarge it and you can see what a gorgeous pendant it is. Since the pendant itself was of superb quality I used sterling silver 'finding's (jump rings, silver cones, earring wires, etc.) instead of the usual silver toned metals. The earrings are made of Crystal Swarovski beads and black glass pearls in a single drop. The whole set goes for $40.00

Remember though - if you see something you like, email me and I will discount the price 20% - that would make this necklace set only $32.00 - elegant and refined.