Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015 Collection

As I looked through my jewelry and tried to decide how to organize the pieces so I didn't overwhelm you with everything I had in my box all at one time, I thought - okay, I'll do my wire wrap first, then my pendants and then the plain necklaces and end up with BORING!!   So, instead I will overwhelm you with all 41 necklace/bracklet pieces.  Sorry.  If you get tired of reading just scroll down through the pictures (its allowed!) until something catches your eye.

You will find that the majority of my necklaces are made with at least one type of stone bead.  That is because I spend the winter in Quartzsite where there are gem shows, and rock shows, and mineral shows all winter and I can't help but fall in love with some of these stones.  Sad to say, I know what SOME of them are, like quartz, and onyx and tigerseye or goldstone.  I can usually tell the difference between a jasper and an agate but that is about it.  :-(

Most of my sets (earrings usually come with beaded necklaces, a wire wrapped necklace doesn't USUALLY have earrings with it) sell for $20 a set ....sometimes $25, very rarely more than that.  I sell to friends and family and they don't like to spend a lot on jewelry.  I could easily make more if  I went to farmer's markets or bazaars but I don't want to tie myself down that much.  Ed and I like to be footloose and fancy free.

Don't be dismayed if a necklace you like has been sold already...chances are I will be putting up something newer and prettier in the coming days and weeks so keep checking back
This is my Soft Peach Agate Wire Wrap in Silver.  The stone is 1 1/2 in length with an extra 1/2 inch of wrapped wire.  The wire I use, whether silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, copper or black is a non-tarnishing  pro-quality craft wire.  I have this cabachon (another name for polished stone) hanging on a 19 inch chain of plated silver with a magnet closure for easy off and on.  The necklace  is $20. 

 Black Onyx w/Silver Wire Wrap - This 30 mm x 40 mm Osnyx Cabachon is again wrapped in Silver wire.  You will find I use silver much more often than gold because most of my clients prefer the silver tones to the gold tones.  Otherwise I determine the color of wire by the stone itself.  What looks best.  I could easily see this one done in gold or copper if someone so ordered it.  I added the Swarovski Crystals to the front of this stone because it is solid black with nothing to catch the eye so I added silver black and crystals.  This piece would sell for $20 including the Silver plated chain.


Petite Wire Wrapped Stone with Silver Plated Chain...The colors in this  piece are just beautiful with blacks, browns and whites.  The stone measures 20 mm x 45 mm but the whole pendent measures 3 inches in length because of the large bail..  Because of the long narrow appearance it looks more petite.  Silver plated chain completes the necklace  - $18.00


This is a carved stone leaf  in greens and golds and browns  (Moss Agate?).  I have wrapped it in Bronze with a Bronze chain.  The bronze toned chain is 25 inches in length with a toggle closure.  It can be shortened if desired.  $20.00

This is one of my favorite necklaces - I call it THE TREE OF LIFE.  I have made them in tones of green, lavender, blues, yellows, oranges, black, browns, rainbow colors, pastels, reds....when someome says I WANT ONE I simply ask 'what is your favorite color'.  I have also made them in shades of green (like leaves?) with a mini heart in the middle to represent genealogists!  My favorite of course is to make a mother's tree or a grandmother's tree with  swarovski crystals representing the birth months of the parents and children, spouses and grandchildren.  They are wire wrapped on a 1 1/4 inch ring with 4 mm Swarovski crystals in various shades.  This one is $18.00 with a 14k gold plated chain and magnet closure.
Gilded Marbles
This 19 inch necklace is made of rich stone beads capped with gold tone bead caps and separated by light brown colored Chinese crystals.  The necklace closes with a decorative toggle closure and it comes with TWO pair of earrings!  I couldn't decide which stone to use in the earrings (and it would have been too heavy to use both) So I made two pair.  They are made, as are all of my earrings with hypoallergenic earwires.  $20 for all

Below are two pictures to show the beauty of this 33 inch long pendant necklace I called Golden Tones.   I started with the almost two inch long oval beads (acryllic) that you see in the picture on the right.  I found pretty 1 1/2 inch long pendant to hang from it and just started beading! There are glass pearls, mesh beads, crystals and all sorts of acryllic beads in this necklace all in golds and browns and accented with antique gold.  The matching earrings are simple inch long dangles.  Only $25

White Stone Ovals
I took these 7/8 inch long squared off oval stones and paired them with a bright orange twist of crystal.  I added a black rhondelle between the stones.  The necklace is19" long with an oversized black metal lobster claw closure.  The earrings are dangles made up of 6 mm Swarovski crystals in the same colors as the necklace hanging off of black chain.  $20 for the set


PEACH COBBLER - maybe I'm hungry by the time I finish making my necklaces but you will find many of them have Food names!

The colors in this dainty 19 inch long necklace just looked like peach cobbler to me....with peach toned glass pearls set off with copper toned bead caps separated by Fire Opal Swarovski Crystals it looks nummy.     necklace and  matching earrings = $20 all

Mottled Red Stones w/ Coral
I found these lovely faceted mottled red faceted stones and paired them with red coral beads capped with antique silver toned bead caps and separated by abt 10 mm smoky quartz rhondelles.    The 19" long necklace has matching earrings.  $20

Tigers Eye  Pendant w/ earrings   $20

17 1/2 in - 19 1/2 in- 2 1/2 in
Three strand necklace with gold chain and a fun combination of blue and gold toned beads along with the namesake "BlackBerries".   It has a toggle closure and dangle earrings  $20,00

GREY DIAMOND necklace and earring set $20


31" - 33" - 35"
Triple strand necklace of silver toned chain parenthesizing the beautiful strand of red coral with faceted small clear crystals and a larger red crystal with silver toned bead heads on each side.
The matching earrings dangle off of RED fish hook style ear wires!  

WITH ischi beads, bronze spacer beads and glass pearls
                  The 19" necklace closes with S hooks.  
The matching earrings completes the set that sells for $20.00

with smoky Swarovski 6mm crystals  and hematite tube bead making up the rest of the necklace.  The 19" necklace closes with a black magnet closure.  The earrings which are not shown in the picture are triple drops of the hematite tubes, black chain with additional Swarovski crystals at the end of each dangle.  $20 for the set

This is a favorite and for some reason I can never get a good picture of it....I need my old computer with the editing program I knew how to use!!  This is a 19 inch long necklace made up of lovely 1/2 inch rectangular crystals with mottled beads capped with copper beads caps separated by fire opal Swarovski crystals.  It closes with a magnet closure.  The 2" long dangling earrings are made up of matching beads hanging from hypoallergenic fish hook ear wires.  $20 for the set

This necklace is called BC JADE

because it is made with
jade from British Columbia!  We also have pieces of yellow Turquoise, pale green crystals and green glass pearls that are bracketed with silver toned bead caps.  There are matching earrings and even an ankle bracelet.  The ankle bracelet is made with Swarovski crystals, again, bracketed with bead caps.
The necklace set is $25 with the ankle bracelet $10 or the whole set for $35.  The ankle bracelet can be made into a regular bracelet at no additional cost.

this elegant creation is made up of large glass pearls in pale yellow tones, 1/2 " pale yellow crystals, 4mm Sunshine yellow Swarovski Crystals  and beautiful silver toned spacer beads as you can see in the picture.  The earrings are made up of the same spacer bead, 1 Swarovski crystal and the pale yellow crystal, with three little bright yellow Swarovski's dangling at the end.
Only $20 for the set

- Double click on the cabachon to see the design in the stone itself.   I wire wrapped it with a 24 gauge antique copper toned wire in a free form wire wrap with a peach toned Swaroski crystal centered on it.  The Necklace is made up of flat polished round beads with white cracked beads, copper toned separator beads and Swarovski crystals.  The matching earrings are 2 " dangles
  All of my necklaces are strung on 19 strand necklace wire to give the strongest hold with the best drape.  I double crimp all of my wires to make them kid proof...I am first and foremost, a grandma!

Definitely a "One of a Kind set" - SORRY, it's been sold

29" of soft pink, white and silver crystals with a mottled dusty
pink seed pearl, a combination of clear, opal, and pink mini crystals
with miniature silver toned butterflies scattered throughout
$18 for the set


STRIPES OF BROWN...19" beautifully cut and polished stones in stripes and natural tones are matched with larger ischi beads
and silver toned spacer beads.  There are also beads of deep smokey quartz in the necklace and earrings.  Toggle closure.  $20.00 for the set - SOLD

Here you can see what I mean by Custom Jewelry.  My friend saw the necklace at the right and loved it but it was too short for her style.  Then she said "It's too bad it doesn't have the chains like the red one does"  No problem - I took it home and VOILA  ...below is the finished product!


RED TIGER STRIPES - I found these fun soft red beads with the 
fascinating pattern and paired them up with a soft red 1/2" crystal, a 
round flattened onyx bead and my beloved sparklies - the 6mm Swarovski
crystals. Both the tiger striped beads and the Swarovski crystals are 
bracketed with silver toned bead caps,  The matching earrings are about 2 inch 
dangles.  This set also comes with a matching ankle bracelet (or regular bracelet)
$20 for the necklace and earrings, $10 for the bracelet, $25 for all.
This set is put together with lightweight acrylic beads that look like they were broken up into little pieces and glued back together again.  I have added clear brownish Chinese Crystals all separated by antique gold bead caps. The earrings are a matching combination of beads in  a 2 " dangle.  
$18 for the set

This elegant necklace glows with the beauty of the three different types of crystals in it...the 3/4" square cut rectangles of orange gold, the 6 mm golden glow of the Swarovski crystals and the faceted rounds that reflect a soft turquoise blue of the aurora borealis.  Pulling everything together are the cute little daisy like bronze toned spacer bead.  The necklace  closes with a S hooks and the matching earrings dangle 3" from the ear.  $20 for the set 

JASPER STONE with copper toned chain

We have beautiful little jasper oval beads with glass pearls of a soft peach color and faceted plastic beads set apart with rich copper toned 6mm Swarovski crystals with a second strand of copper toned chain to add interest.  The 19" long necklace closes with a copper toned toggle closure.  The earrings are made of matching beads in a single dangle


first I took a piece of black wire....a real long piece and I wove it into the gorgeous bracelet you see here.  Then I added tightly wrapped wire spirals, Swarovski Crystals of various sizes and more of the spirals.  The bracelet has a strong magnet closure and will fit a 7" or medium sized wrist

                      LAVENDER PENDANT
This lovely necklace is made up of pale lavender glass
pearls bracketed by silvertoned bead caps and two tones
of crystal - pale lavender and a deeper purple.
The Mother of Pearl pendant hangs between 2 10 mm
Swarovski crystals.  The necklace has a toggle closure
and the matching earrings are about a 1" dangle.  $20

This 19" necklace is made up of pale pink cultured pearls with silvertoned bead caps on both ends and a pale pink 6mm Swarovksi crystal in between.  The  1 14" rhinestone flower sits offside and adds elegance.   A large silver toned decorative magnet closure makes taking it on and off so easy.
$25.00 includes te matching earrings

                            MELON BALLS
I fell in love with these cherry quartz beads when I saw them.
They were such a soft warm deep red/pink.  I have seen a lot
of rose quartz, but never a cherry quartz.  I took the cherry quartz
beads and paired them with a matching Swarovski cyrstal and
separated everything with a beautiful little antique silver toned
separator bead.  The 19" necklace closes with a toggle closure and
the matching earrings have about a 1 1/2 inch dangle.  $20

                             DESERT SANDSTORM
  When I found this beautiful pendant at one of the open air 
bead store in Quartzsite I grabbed it up and then started watching
for beads to pair it with.  The finished product was everything I
had hoped for.  I have small stone rhondelles, and flat oval stones
along with 1 inch faceted crystals of a smokey brown flavor  I have 
added silver toned findings and beautiful 6mm Swarovski crystal drops
Matching earrings complete the ensemble    $25.00

This elegant necklace reminds me of a treasure chest of jewels with the richness of the orange/gold crystal beads, the large gold rosette metal beads bracketed by black and gold rhondelles
and the gorgeous onyx beads.  The necklace closes with an oversize lobsterclaw for easy on and off. Matching earrings complete the richness of the look.  $20  

For those of you who love to be able to add and take off
beads and create your own bracelet designs the Pandora bracelet
is just for you...but who wants to pay the Pandora prices.
This fun bracelet in greens opens and closes with an oversized
lobster claw.   $12.00

Fun 20" necklace full of all sorts of fruity beads.  Matching 3" earrings  $20.00 for the set

Taking a 2 inch polished rose quartz cabachon, I wrapped it in twisted non tarnishing silver wrapping wire to create this masterpiece.  The clarity of the stone combined with the beauty of the wire wrapping makes this a necklace to love.  I have strung it on top quality silver plated chain with a magnet closure - this necklace comes with matching earrings (smaller pieces of rose quartz beads)

Though not real turquoise it has the look and feel of it and I have combined it in the necklace with orange crystals and copper spacer beads, then wire wrapped a stone cabachon to create a wonderful pendant.  Rich and Beautiful  Matching earring with a 2 1/2 " dangle
$30.00 for the set