Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Jewelry

2011 has been a pretty relaxing year so far - I had a fun News Eve with Ed - we watched a fantastic movie (Inception!) and then welcomed the New Year in with some sparkling cider!! The next day Kecia and Glenn came up with their two darling girls and Kelly and Jamie came over with their twins and I made my annual waffle breakfast (at four oclock in the afternoon). We got to sleep in on New Years morning and then Ed took me out for breakfast and then I got busy and started organizing the kitchen for our yummy blueberries and cream cheese and strawberries and whipped cream with waffles. I also added apple pie filling as a third choice which was delicious. I haven't had a new years 'breakfast' for several years but Kecia talked me into doing it this year and I am glad. By inviting 'part' of my family at a time we could visit and enjoy each others company. Who wants to come next year?

Anyway - I have been busy in my office/work area this week making some real pretty jewelry. Not just watches either.

I have pictures of all of them below - my flowery descriptions have failed me so I just described them each very plainly. But the pictures are pretty!!! Enjoy! I have these same watches on my site for $25.00 each - I am only charging $20.00 here on my blog spot.

I bought this nested pearl a year ago in Quartzsite but have let it sit while I searched for matching pearl beads--I finally found a strand of freshwater pearls that match nicely and away I went. It is made up of soft peach Swarovski crystals, peach irridescent flat round beads and the freshwater pearls I mentioned before - with silver toned beads and a magnet closure. This set (necklace and earrings) sells for $25.00

This may look somewhat similar to you as it is part of my Swarovski Element Necklace sets. I have made necklace sets in pink, in green, in blue and in lavender. I believe I have made three in pink so far but all three are very different. This one is done with various tones of pink Swarovski crystals with pink glass pearls and silver toned dragonflies. The earrings are double drop dangles of the same crystals, pearls and dragonflies. $22.00 a set
This is my Garnet Set. I started making an illusion necklace but fell in love with the beads centered at the bottom of the 19 wire strand necklace wire. Magnet closure in gold tones. The garnets are real polished stones and the whole necklace set matches the watch set below. The necklace set by itself sells for $20.00
This watch set is made up of deep garnet toned stones of various natural sizes with gold satin bead accents. The watch sells for $20.00
You could buy the necklace & earrings and watch for $32.00!
Another necklace set I have made - called Golden Splendor - beautiful warm gold toned glass pearls of different sizes with antique gold accenting the 20 inch necklace. Toggle closure. $18.00 set (with earrings)
Yellow Pearl Watch - with silver toned spacer beads, pale yellow glass pearls, and brighter colored yellow beads this watch is a winner. Lots of fun to wear. Just wait for the compliments!! $20.00
Green Marble tile - this watch combines rocks, sparkles and marble tiles into an elegant band. $20.00This watch is made up of various colors and sizes of glass pearls. The watch face itself is woven right into the band so it is not interchangeable like most of my other watches. It looks so dainty and colorful on your wrist and it sells for only $15.00
The picture on this one is rather poor but it shows the various beads much better than my other pictures. There are wooden beads between and below the lobster claws. The you have more wooden beads between antique gold surrounds along with a gorgeous shell stone. The rows of beads are separated through a brown pearlized flat double drilled bead and then larger round flat beads alternate with asolid dark brown wooden bead. The watch band attaches to a gold faced bar watch and is so beautiful. $20.00
This green flat double drilled bead, and white dichroic bead watch is a softer approach. It lays flat against your wrist with sparkles separating the larger flat beads. $20.00
I don't think I have posted this one before - it has white w/blue porcelain beads separated by blue crystal type beads. This set sells for only $12 with the smaller watch face.
This watch is made up of large 1/2 diameter stone beads with a matching deep green chinese crystal separating them. (I tried to make it only of the stones but the watch was simply too heavy.) This watch is for someone with a slightly larger wrist because of the solidness of the watch band. You can see the green lobster claws attaching the band to the watch itself. $20.00
This is a favorite that should go fast - pink and silver beads of all different sizes and shapes make up this watch band. $20.00
I made this watch band out of polished jasper stones of various size and shapes and colors. It could be worn with golds and creams and greens and turquoises. $20.00
The cracked marble bead in this watch has been very popular - so I combined them with satin beads in flat black,along with silver toned lobster claws and sparkle separators. $20.00
This elegant watch is made up of glass pearls - slightly off white in color with the sparkle separators. Easy to wear and very dressy. $20.00.
This watch is another of my series of black and white and crystal watches. As you can see it has some cute fun beads of various shapes and sizes. $20.00