Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just a couple more

Tonight my sweet husband fixed us both a piece of cake and a couple of scoops of ice cream....about 10 pm....by 10:40 pm my feet were jumping and itching and burning and just plain being miserable. So after trying to control them (HAH) I finally got up and came in the livingroom. At least here I am not in danger of kicking Ed!

Anyway I decided to blog the newest creations in my necklaces. Including one that is still in the creative state...unfinished. However its close enough for you to be able to get the idea of how it is going to look.
I am calling it crimson serpent...it's focal point is a three inch glass snake with golden glimmers. I have beaded two ten inch strands with orange and gold beadwork and threaded them through golden loops. This will be attached to 8 strands of orange seed beads which will in turn be attached to more gold loops without the beadwork. It should be really striking by the time I am done with it. I haven't started thinking out the earrings yet . I have to run over to Ben Franklin tomorrow morning and buy some gold toned 'cones' to thread the seed beads into. This is going to be one of my "One of a Kind Series" - I will post it when I get it finished.

This is an older one that I lost the earrings for so I made new ones. I also corrected a small error on the necklace that needed to be done - so my Black Rose necklace is back out on the market.
I had this picture on my last post - but it was so shaded you couldn't really appreciate the depth of the pendant (two feathers bent together at the top, layered in silver, then copper, then gold.

This is a very busy but very beautiful piece I made for a very dear friend. She picked out the design and the color scheme and said she wanted big beads for it - so I went to work and made this gorgeous necklace that is composed of two strands of beadwork (with charms) and a middle strand of gold chain. A different gold chain is connected to this three strands and it goes in a single chain around the neck. In this picture you can see the single dangle earrings I made to match.
The second pair of earrings are dangles of various sized translucent leaves (they match some of the charms on the necklace) that you can see on the upper left of this picture. The necklace closes with a gold toned rose toggle closure. There is a fun matching bracelet on the top right of this picture made with memory wire... So this set comes with a necklace, bracelet and two pair of earrings. I made the dangling leaves set first and then decided that maybe they were too busy so I made the simple ones next to let the recipient choose. I named the set Diana's Delight

Last but not least is this one called Lavender Beauty. The outside strand is made up of tear drop amethyst stones and the inside strand is made of amethyst chips. The middle strand is 4mm Swarovski crystals in two tones of lavender. It has a magnet closure at the back. The earrings are beaded stones and crystals hanging off silver chain.