Saturday, December 11, 2010


For those of you who are interested in watches and watch you go.

Red Pearl

Mottled Burgandy
Most of my watches have silver toned watch faces - that is because the favorite metal to sell is silver toned rather than gold toned. Here you see two of my three gold toned watch faces.
This is a fun one because it is comprised of wooden beads - dark brown, light brown, tan, mottled, painted, etc. The watch face is also wooden - dark brown and light brown on a gold bar. For those of you who are out of state and haven't been hit with the 'watch' rage...the fun thing about these watches is the fact that the band attaches to the watch face with lobster claws and are easily interchanged - you buy one face and five different watch bands and voila!! A watch to match every outfit.
These red velvet type beads are beautiful with the crystal beads accenting them. This watch band is for someone with a small wrist
The Silver rectangular Swarovski Elements set the tone for this watch - It is called porcelain splendor because of the porcelain styled beads - the white round beads with the little flowers on them. I have Swarovski Elements available in blue, green, pink and lavendar - pick your favorite color and I will make you a beautiful watch band.
I called this watch Fire Bead ...the flat square beads are a type of dichroic bead that seems to simmer with an interior fire. This watch has an orange toned face and is accented with salmon toned pearl beads and light bronze Chinese Crystals
This is a fun watch to wear - HOT PINK and silver!
These are my green watches. The lower watch band is made up of lime green and gold toned shell pieces with rhinestone embedded separator pieces. The upper watch is one of my pearlized watches. More on it later
This watch lays flat on your wrist with a gold watch face that is threaded right into the band - it is not interchangeable with different watch bands. The golds, blacks and crystals create a lovely finish. I have two different necklaces that match this watch.
This is Open Weave brown and gold watch - made for a larger wrist.
This is called the Turquoise Dichroic Watch- The rectangular dichroic glass beads glow with turquoise, golds and coppers. There are additional Chinese crystals in Aurora Borealis copper and turquoise in the band also.
Picture Perfect...This simple pink watch has two miniature photo frames threaded into the band. So fun for the special people in your life. It can be recreated in any color (the frames and watch faces would be silver toned.)
This is another of the delicate and smaller watch bands - for those of you not into the big and clunky styles that are so popular right now. This fits a medium wrist.
This is the Piece de Resistance of delicate watches. Double rows on 10 mm round black crystals with rhinestone embedded separators. So simple, yet so elegant.
These cracked marble beads seem to sparkle on your wrist. You have large and small beads with antique silver bead caps on the larger balls.
This black, silver and crystal watch can be worn with just about anything.
These beads are made from oven fired pottery! Gold toned accent beads so it would need a gold watch face.
These ovals are a red breciated jasper and the flat stones are a type of marble. Fascinating yet elegant.

Another stone watch - this time with larger polished amethyst stones. Gorgeous in Lavendar!
When I found these beads I was simply thrilled. The satiny large pearlized bead creates a watch band that lays flat against your wrist and combines beautifully with the rhinestone embedded separator beads and the Chinese Crystals... as you will see in the pictures that follow - it creates a beautiful watch band no matter what color combination. This one is called Peach Pearl.

Chocolate pearl
Turquoise Pearl
Pink Pearl
Yellow Pearl.

Remember the green watch band that I told you would be mentioned later - that is another one of these 'pearl' watch bands. They are also available in grey and black pearl.

Any of these watchbands can be made to fit your wrist - all I need is the measurement around your wrist (right where you would wear the watch).

Just email me at Again - paying with a credit card is available by going to and paying through paypal. The link is also available at the top right of this post...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some of my favorites

I am really excited about this line of jewelry - its for the ladies that have to wear badges everyday - they don't have to be ugly!!! Here is a black and silver and crystal badge holder and it has a matching watch set!! The badge holder is only $10...and the watch band also $10!

While we are looking at black and white pretties - This fun necklace has matching earrings and sells for only $15.00. The watch band also sells for $10 and the watch face for $12. You can get the whole set for only $30!!
This is my black and teal set - and it is already sold but it is a gorgeous set. Again, you have a necklace and earrings that sell for $22 .
The watch face is $10 and the watch band $10.
That is $42 normally but bought as a complete set it is only $35.00
This is my Gold That Glitters set - a beautiful illusion necklace made up of Swarovski and Chinese Crystals with triple drop earrings. $22 for the set. I also have a pair of more simple gold toned earrings with a single drop for those that feel like the triple drops are overpowering. The watch sells complete for $22 as it doesn't have the removable lobster claw clasps that make it interchangeable with other watch bands. Instead this watch face is beaded right into the watch bracelet/band. The necklace, earrings, and watch would sell for $35 as a complete set.
Do you like green?? This is such a fresh color - the band, with green pearlized flat beads and green Chinese crystals is accented with silver. The band sells for $10 and the watch face sells for $10. I also have another green watch face - oval in shape and a deeper green that looks really nice with this watch band.

I couldn't sleep last night -we had friends over and like an idiot I served donuts..and Kathy brought a yummy sweet chex mix and I pigged out...after 9 pm...which means burning feet for two hours minimum!! So since I was awake I decided to make a necklace and earring set. I've been making watches like mad lately and felt like I wanted to get back to my 'roots'. Anyway, I already have a watch made that would look pretty with this necklace.
This necklace and earring set would also sell for $22.00---well - forget that ...this one has been sold. I can make another one but it won't be exactly the same.