Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Camera

 I just got a new camera for Christmas and The blurry pictures are hopefully a thing of the past.  In this blog I am showing the new pictures I have taken of some of the necklaces I still have.

This is the Butterfly in Rust that I have on my Etsy blogsite.  I have since added the Swarovski crystals to the center of these pendants.  These sell for $16 on etsy but are on sale on my blogspot for just $12.

 This is the same butterfly done in blues and greens.  Again, I have since added the jewels to the center of the butterfly and this adds to the beauty.  The most fun thing with these painted pendants is that you can email me a picture of a blouse that you might have and I can paint the necklace to match it.

Autumn Leaf with double chain in copper and brass...$10

Ceramic Butterfly in pinks and purples...$12

Ceramic Butterfly in White 

Lace in Pink with Silver Sparkle...Five inch wide pendant on black chain.  $15

Layered Bloom in Pinks, Black and purples...on black chain  $15

Pink Swallotail....$12

Swallowtail in Rust

Blooms in Rust and Gold $14

Same pendant as above - just a different view.  

Hope you enjoyed this rerun!!   All of these necklaces are available in pinks, blues, purples, greens, rusts, creams, blacks and yellows.  The only color they really haven't made available in the Vintage patinas is a good red.  They have just come out with silver, gold, copper and 

Hopefully red will come along soon.

If you see anything you like here contact me at