Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's WAAAYYY past time I added a few things!!

Sujei - I added these pictures really fast to show you some of the latest stuff I've been doing.

I made this first of all at Kristanne's request and had enough beads left over to make another - it is very elegant and sells for $28
You will see quite a few pendants that have been painted.  I took a class and learned how to do Vintaj Painting - special paints that are made to adhere to metal.  I paint, then bake, then glitter then bake, then glaze, then bake again.  It has been a lot of fun!!  I can create a necklace to match any outfit I want to.  This sparkling butterfly sells for $12
This fun fling is just called COLORFUL - sells for $16
This is a gorgeous piece that hangs below your breast - The beads are actually soft pink translucent beads - the earrings match it perfectly - $24

Pink with black rhinestones....another one of my painted pieces ...$10

Butterfly charms - $24...lots of fun!!
Painted Daisy - $10
 Autumn Crysanthumum...$12
 I call this pink embroidery...Another of my painted necklaces - $8
 I painted this ring to match the necklace above.  $5
 I call this blue linen necklace set because I cr4eated it around the flower that is made of fabric.  $20
 Real turquoise, real coral and real silver....Only $ cost
This is my latest thing I have learned to do - its call viking knit...I made this whole thing with 24 gauge wire and the beads.  I 'knit' the bracelet and then wrap the coils at each side of the beads.  I will be selling these for $35 on etsy but will sell to my friends for $22...I will add more pictures - I have a black one, several copper/rosegold, gold, deep maroon, and another silver one.
 Viking knit in Dark Copper
 Fire Opal Twists - bracelet  $25

 Viking Knit in Black and Crystal
 Viking Knit in Dark Pink

 Orange Twist - $18
 Sparkling Flowers $16
 Aztec Gold $16
 Blue Dahlia - on this S curve $20; on chain $14
 Turquoise Pendant $20
 Feral Butterflies - $10
 Feral Butterfly in Hot Pink $10
 Autumn Leaves $10
Hot Pink and Lavender Flower - $12