Saturday, September 25, 2010


It seems like whenever I have new necklaces to display I realize I've never posted the previous several ...I made these over the last month or so and there are some interesting projects.

This necklace is called "wheels of color" as I have taken several different sized rhondelles of polished rock and strung them together creating a necklace of earth toned beauty. The solid gold toned chain hanging below the focus just adds depth to the necklace.

Scarlett Beauty is made up of a polished tear drop of rich scarlett tones. It connects to a combination of chain and strings of seed beads. Above the seedbeads is a string of beautiful beadwork that sparkles and glows with the richness of color.
This is the same necklace as above showing the beadwork and toggle closure up close.

This pile of beads is actually a piece of memory wire strung with rocks and beads and polished stones. It wraps a solid three times around your wrist and has a lovely little translucent brown toned leaf at each end.
This is a fun necklace of black and white - clunky beads so fun to wear. It also has the toggle closure. In this picture the earrings are made up of the black plastic beads and white pearls. I have since replaced the white pearls with white plastic beads.
This is a memory wire bracelet that is made of molded plastic made to simulate carved beads. I call it my African Bead Bracelet.
The silver gecko. I made this one in silver and black but it would be a fun piece hanging off of a cobalt blue and silver necklace or a deep rich red and silver combination. The Gecko has rhinestones all down his back.
This final necklace is one of a series that I have made. I have the pink necklace displayed at the top of this page and I have now completed a similar style in baby blues and silver. The show piece on all three of these pieces is the beautiful Swarovski pendant that is attached to the rest of the beadwork with either lobster claw clasps or spring ring clasps so that they CAN be REMOVED if desired.
Here is a closeup of this particular pendant. I have taken this same metal piece and woven it into a bracelet but I needs practice before I set it up for sale.

I have two more bracelets made with memory wire and this green bracelet on a slip on style silver toned bracelet to post soon. There are also three more necklace sets - two in blue and one in black.