Friday, October 2, 2009

A couple spots of beauty

Its been a really busy week and with half of my beads sitting in my trailer that is parked up at Mtn Home Air Force Base, it is difficult to be able to make necklaces. But here are a couple more that I need to get up on Etsy.
This one is called Peach Beauty. It is actually two separate necklaces and when I put it on with the blouse I was making the set for, I found it was too much for me so I only wore the main necklace without the soft delicate second one. The main necklace is made up of a deep peach Swarovski crystal and soft pink Swarovski pearls (a glass pearl that is richer and warmer in tone - they cost more, like the crystals, but are worth it. I can easily pick out the Swarovski pearls that are mixed in my bead box with the other glass pearls! It surprised me.

The pendant is a rich warm peach colored shell with variations of peach and tans. The whole necklace is acented with gold toned findings. The necklace closes with a large gold toned magnet.

The earrings are triple dangles with the same Swarovski pearls and crystals plus the other beads matching those in the necklaces. Each grouping is hand coiled and hangs off a small gold chain. Hypoallergenic earring wires.

The necklaces and earrings sell for $30 for the set (less my normal 20% discount for items sold from this site) at $24 that is a steal.

The second necklace turned into something soft and delicate with the small copper chain draping the sides of the necklace. The beading is a combination of burgandy 4mm Swrovski crystals and larger flat square glass beads. The pendant is an elegant shell with a burgandy and pearl toned mum painted on the shell itself. I used copper findings with this set as it set off the tones in the beads beautifully. The copper toggle closure adds beauty in its own right to the 21 inch long necklace.

The earrings were another fun experiment. When I first made this necklace I had a second copper chain accenting it - I used the elongated circles in that chain to frame a single drop of beads from a hypoallergenic earring wire - again with the copper and burgandy combination. I loved the earrings because they are original but I didn't like the extra chain below the pendant. So I took it off and attached the small copper chain at the sides to droop becomingly. It was a fun necklace to make and I can't wait to get to wear the set.

This is a closeup of the mum on the pendant. So beautifull. And when I bought this pendant there were three of them in the package - all of them were beautiful but this was my favorite design. This set sells for $30.00