Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Is Coming!!

This Mother's Day Special includes GIFT WRAP!!!!!

Mother's Day is coming fast - here is a simply marvelous gift for your mother. Simply click on the Etsy.com link (to the right) and pick the perfect necklace and earring set - find the set that 'looks like her' and order it today!! I will gift wrap it and send it with a card with your own salutations and mail it to your mom in time for Mother's Day - you ONLY have a week to get your order to me!! order your gift for mom TODAY! Right now!
You can pay with PayPal at Etsy.com - and still get your discount. Simply email me the order and I will go in and discount your choice by 20%....then you can choose to have it mailed (for $1.95) or pick it up at my home...EASY!!

Does your mom like pearls?? crystals?? chains?? long necklaces? short ones?? Or would she prefer a bracelet or ankle bracelet? Does she have pierced ears or does she need clip ons?? Maybe you want a necklace only with out any earrings - we can work that out too!

Maybe you see a necklace that you think she would like but it is the wrong color ...there is a good chance I could make one just for your mom in HER favorite color....send me an email at: ......................................petalsoftjewelry@willden.org and ASK!!

Each Mother is different - don't give her the same old stuff - a new blouse....or flowers... or even a toaster (Heaven forbid) ...spend five minutes looking through my jewelry at Etsy.com and find the perfect handmade, one of a kind necklace sets that says....

Mother, I love you, so very very much...

(gift wrapped with love and sent anywhere in the United States)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A whole bunch of new necklaces!

More Pretties!! and Remember
- everything is 20% off the regular price!!

We spent part of January and February in Quartzsite Arizona where I found lots of fun beads and rocks and charms. We went to Mexico one day (it was a balmy 72 degrees!! Loved it since Quartzsite had been cool and rainy for the four weeks we were there!) I bought several gold necklaces in Algadones and was promised they were Guadalajara gold - it even has 14k imprinted on the lobster claw closure. But I am not charging big dollars for this necklace - I am treating it as if it is a nice gold toned chain.

The crystal pendant has a stem of gold toned leaves crossing it. Within the leaves are rhinestone flowers.

The earrings are a single dangle of golden bead with silver crystal bead and then another golden bead - this dangle hangs from a squarish fish hook style earring head with a pounded gold head on it- it is of course hypoallergenic. The necklace and earrings set will sell for $20.00

This one is called Silver Lace and it is a necklace that will dress up anything you want to wear with it. It is simply a swirly metal hoop that fits around your neck and it has a gorgeous lacy silver pendant hanging off of it with soft lavender rhinestones imbedded it it. I have added simple silver toned one inch hoop earrings to add rather than detract from the delicacy of this necklace. The necklace and earrings are priced at $14.50 for the set. Remmember anything you order from this site is still 20% off ...so that makes it just $12 for the necklace and earrings.

Kecia picked out the beads and design for this necklace set. It is called Pink Dragonflies because of the cute silver dragonflies on the pink glass pendant. It is an illusion necklace made up of pink and lavender beads highlighted with silver toned spacer beads.

The necklace is 19 inches in length and closes with a magnet closure for an easy on and off. The earrings are simple Swarovski Crystal drops from a hypoallergenic fish hook style earring. It sells for $16.00 for the set.
This year charm necklaces are all the rage - I made this one so it sets above the neckline and it is a flat black metal necklace of chains connected to several charms. I called it Black Rose because of the main charm - there are four charms hanging off the side of the necklace - Not shown are earrings made up of chain and the hand charms . It sells for $25 due to the more expensive charms.
This necklace started out as a purse charm with the three main beaded dangles hanging off a short chain to hang off a purse or a back pack - then I decided they were too delicate so I turned it into a necklace - I matched the beadwork from the dangles partway up the side of the main necklace and connected it all to a beautiful silver toned chain that goes over the head. The earrings are triple drops of matching beads but are surprisingly lightweight. This necklace sells for $18 for the set and is called Soft Pink Charms.
Cobalt Cloisonee - Cloisnonee is a decoration on a bead with gold braid making a design and then painted in and around the braid - and sealing it all with a clear glaze. The butterflies in this necklace are cloisonee (pronounced Cloy-son-ay). Again I have dangles of beadwork hanging from a combination of chain and more beadwork - this time I have seed beads in tones of blue strung from an antique silver cone to one at the other end also. This necklace is also made to go over your head. The earrings again are triple drop dangles. Of course if any of the necklaces are too long or too short - I can fix them for you just the way you want them....same thing goes with earrings - some of us like one or one and a half inch dangles - others like them longer. Just tell me how you want it. This set sells for $20 for necklace and earrings.
Ribbons of Gold - I found the topaz and gold 'pin' first and then went looking for an antique chain that would do it justice. I have made the necklace so that the 'pin' sets off center - it is a pin but also a pendant ....and has been wired into the chain. The heavy chain is just part of the whole necklace with a single row chain going up and behind the neck. You can see it in the earrings as I used that chain to drop three dangles off an antique gold fish hook earring. As always my earring fish hooks and studs are hypoallergenic. The set sells for $28.00 and is on sale for Mother's Day for only $20!!!! What a bargain!
This is one of my favorites - I used the beads in a simple necklace of solid beads this winter but was never happy with it so I took it apart and made an illusion necklace out of it - and it is called Mint Delight. This set sells for only $16.oo
This next necklace comes in a choice of pendant colors. I have made it up with the blue Dichroic Lily but I can change it out to any of the colors shown below - they are all black glass with copper splashes in and around the Lily. You have a choice of pink, peach, pale yellow, sky blue, turquoise blue, or green.

The pendant is hanging off a multistrand or cord and ribbon for a fun look. The necklace sells for $12.00 - no earrings, just the necklace.