Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Day with Makae at her house!

I had a fun fun afternoon yesterday at Shawn and Kris's house with Makae and two other lifeline girls, Kennedy and Danae. Cute fun girls. Makae had wanted to do a self esteem class and thought that creating their own necklaces would be a positive for them and I think it was. They both wanted to creat necklaces like the one I was wearing with lotsof charms attached. It seems that chains with lots of dangling charms are the most popular necklace this season - I should have taken my camera and gotten pictures of their necklaces when they were done so that I could show you - They had a ball going through my chains and charms decinding which ones they wanted and Ethan had a ball just playing in the beads and rocks that I had in my boxes. Makae decided to make an illusion necklace with bright green beads and it turned out so beautifully. I could kick myself for not taking pictures - all three girls have to wait to be able to wear them until they earn 3rd phase, but they were proud of their creations. Both Kennedy and Danae did necklaces in silver tones, Danae's in antique silvers and Kennedy's in bright silver tones.

This is the necklace I made and wore on Sunday to work with Makae and her friends. I have since shortened the necklace by about six links on each side as I found the necklace laid better with the shortened chain. The charms were easier to see and they didn't all clump together down at the bottom. The earrings are surprisingly light weight even though there are three charms hanging off of antique gold chain on each earring. They clank just a little as you are wearing them and it is a fun happy sound.

This is a close up of all the charms. I would love to create lots of these but by the time you buy all the chain and all the charms it gets expensive ... I have at least $14 worth of material in this necklace and earring set alone. It will sell for $28.00 (less the 20% off if you order directly from me through either this site or the email site.)

This is another style of charm necklace and I love it. I have taken amber rock (real rocks that have been tumbled and drilled to create a bead and created a charming necklace with chains and beadwork and charms. As you can see, the chain is of antique gold tone chain and runs halfway around the neck and the charms dangle off of it at the bottom of the necklace

This is a closeup of the other half of the necklace - this beadwork goes up one side of your neck and is made up of amber rocks, freshwater pearls and an iridescent bead that creates a little bit of sparkle in the necklace. You can see the earrings in the top half of this picture and they are a single dangle made up of the pearls, the gold toned spacer beads and the sparkly iridescent bead all hanging off of an antique gold stud. It pulls the whole necklace set together. It will sell for $25.oo