Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts teenagers would love

had a couple of friends email me trying to decide what their teenagers would like. Today's teenagers love BLING!!

They also adore charm bracelets. Plus anything that would make a fashion statement - necklace or bracelet wise, so tonight I am going to post pictures that I think they would love:

The charm bracelets are still a big hit especially among the younger teens. I have quite a few charm bracelets to choose from:This is an example of a possible charm bracelet made up with crystals. This one is a Christmas charm bracelet that could easily by changed to pinks or greens or blues - or whatever the favorite color is. The chain on this one is especially pretty. I also have chain with hearts and with roses in the metal. $10.00
This is my charm bracelet #2 - with hanger, mirror, jewelry box and bow. $10.00
Here you have Charm Bracelet #1 - with perfume bottle, cameo, comb and mirror ...all on an antique gold toned chain bracelet (same as above) $10.00

Bling Rings - these rings are made up of mostly Swarovski crystals with some Chinese crystals and some glass and plastic beads as fillers on the bottom row. They are wired with 19 strand necklace wire to an adjustable ring base, so one size will fit all! They sell for $10.00 each. I have them made up in black, lavender, the Christmas colors, turquoise, crystal and topaz. I can also do reds, greens, ...a turquoise crystal and brown wooden beads are gorgeous also. When you order, just tell me which colors you prefer.

$12.00 each: Here are a few delicate necklaces on ribbon...a couple of cameo's, a dragonfly, or my dichroic glass pendants- I'm not sure whether or not the glass pendants would be a big hit...I should have put the blue heart crystal on ribbon and the crystal heart charm necklace too. You will see the crystal heart in a picture of a charm attached to one of several possible charm bracelets in this blog.
This is a black and silver and necklace that would be fun for school or church with matching dangle earrings. $10.00. This one is listed on my etsy site for $16.00 - what a bargain!
Charm bracelet #1 - strawberries and apples...$10.00
Charm bracelet #2 - hearts and tinkerbells. The center heart on this one is the same charm that I have strung onto a pink ribbon necklace that I talked about above. $10.00..again, this is listed on my Etsy site
Memory Wire bracelet that wraps around the wrist about three times - this is a bracelet for a little bit larger wrist ...$12.00 - listed on for $14.00
Gorgeous lavender and gold memory wire bracelet - $12.00. Again, listed on for $14.00
This is the smaller memory wire bracelet in browns and golds - not a whole lot smaller but it fits a narrower wrist better than the ones above. $12.00 - listed on
Crimson Snake Pendant - this is the most expensive thing I have posted here today...on SALE for only $22.00 for the necklace and earrings. Teenagers would love this one for the outrageous fashion statement it would make. It is 29 inches long with a 2 1/2 inch pendant. (on Etsy for $30.00!)
This is my Wavy Hearts necklace - 26 inches - it sells here and on Etsy for $10.00 for the set - necklace and earrings
Bronze clusters necklace and earring set - $10.00 for the set.

Some teenagers love the new bulky bracelet style watches - here I show two - one delicate black beaded watch for only $10 for the watch band and the watch face. (The little watch faces --with a loop rather than a bar to attach to the band sells for only $5.00 by itself) The hot pink watch band sells for $8 and the matching pink watch face would be another $10 - so $18 for the set. I don't know how wide spread this style is but its very popular here in Utah with inter changeable watch bands - so fun!! Just clip the band onto the watch face with lobster claws and away you go. I have watch bands that sell mainly for $10 with some at $8 and some at $12 - they all clip on to the bar style watch faces that cost me $10 to buy...I turn around and sell them to you for the same $10.
This is a fun necklace and watch set that was very well liked at my boutique by all ages - The necklace consists of 20 inches of big clunky plastic beads in black and black and white strung on 19 strand necklace wire. The closure is an antique silver toned toggle closure. The earrings are free with the necklace and are a single dangle of the black and the white bead. The necklace/earring set sells alone for $10.00. The watch band is made up of black beads, black and white beads and silver toned beads with silver lobster claws to attach to the watch face bars. It sells for $10.00 also - The watch face is silver with a black face and also sells for $10.00. Boutique special = $25.00 for all.

Earlier in this post I showed a group of delicate necklaces - here are three of them up close - the green cameo...$12.00 You can wear this as a necklace or a pin.
The lavender cameo - $12.00 - it also has a pin backing

...and the dragonfly. It is a necklace only, no pin. $12.oo

Last but not least, here are a couple of close up pictures of the rings - the crystal ring...$10.00

...and the Christmas ring...$10.00

You can go to my etsy site by clicking on

There you can find the items I have marked as already on etsy and you can order through etsy by clicking on add to cart (after clicking on the picture). Then you will have the choice of paying with check or through paypal with a credit card. Some of the items are listed for more on Etsy than what I have posted here on this blog site. If so hit contact and then you can send me an email and I will go in and adjust the price for you. If there are items on this blog spot that are not yet on and you want to charge them through paypal, then email me at and I go to my site and change the price for you.

Hopefully this has given you some fun ideas

Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm just about ready for the boutique - it should be lots of fun. And if all of my vendors show up we should have a great array of items -

of course I have to show you what I've gotten finished for today

This delicate beauty sells for $10 total - band and watch. I have quite a few watch faces like this to choose from. And three of the small watch bands - but you can pick out your beads and I will make one just for you... $5 each or $10 for the band and watch.

I have made two different badge holders - This black and crystal one has a watch band to match - $10 for the badge holder and $10 for the watch band. Pick a watch face too and you can have all three for $25.00
This is what I got done on Wednesday when it was too cold to go out. Some real gorgeous watch bands. $10 and $12 depending on the make up of the watch (my cost on the stones)
Of course its not a Boutique without a really good sale - there are about 25 necklace sets plus bracelets in the box for 50% OFF!! What a treasure!
Rings - this year the style is: clunky rings with lots of bling. I have made five different rings 0 black crystal, Christmas colors, turquoise, topaz and crystal....out of chinese crystals and swarovski crystal beads - so pretty! Great gift for someone you love OR great bling for your own finger at your big Christmas party this year.

Remember - BLACK FRIDAY, Friday November 26 from 5 pm to 8pm and tomorrow Saturday Nov 27 from 10 am to 2 pm at my house 744 S 200 E - hope to see you there

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am having a BLACK FRIDAY Boutique on Friday Nov 26 from 5-8 and on Sat Nov 27 from 10 am -2 pm...there will be several vendors - Jewelry, bows, cards, watches, rings, purses, and pins....PLUS all of my jewelry. I have one whole box of necklace sets that are 50% off!!!! Thats a deal right there. So while you are thinking about Christmas - come find that perfect gift at the boutique house...744 S 200 E Layton!

If you can't make it to the boutique then you are more than welcome to send me an email at and tell me what you would like. Then you can either send me a check for the total or else I will post it on my site, give you the 'link' for it and you could pay with paypal there. There is a $2 charge for shipping (the first item) and then $1 for each additional item.

This little Christmas tree is not real gold but it IS on a 14k gold chain with 14k gold findings (clasp, jump rings, etc.) Simply but oh so pretty and the tree itself is so intricate. This is a deal for $20!

While I was ordering the brooches I came upon this beautiful little pendant - it is about 1 1/2 inches long and is an elegant dragonfly done in pink and silver. I have it on a simple ribbon to display but I could put it on a chain at your request. $15.00 as is, $18 with a chain.
Also I have added some beautiful brooches - most of which can be worn either as a necklace or a pin. The cameo's are simply exquisite. I have green, blue, pink, brown as you will see as you scroll down...and a grey one coming also. They will sell for $17.50. This one is tan colored - it is larger than the others - about 2 1/4 inches where all of the others are just a hair over 1 1/2 inch in length including the jeweled frame.
Silver metallic brooch
Cameo in pink
I have two green brooches - both a little different than the other but both gorgeous! This is the first one.
This is the second green cameo
This color is called chocolate
Cameo in Lavender
I couldn't get the colors to show true on this one - it is more of a baby blue tone.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was making watch bands to go with my necklaces...I have gone one extra step - eyeglass holders to match the watch bands ...The pictures here show the eye glass holder with a matching watch - for those of us who need reading glasses and are always losing our glasses - what a perfect way to carry them around. I also have earrings to match. The eyeglass holders also sell for $10.

Or I could make jeweled/beaded badge holders - the kind you wear around your neck. If you have a friend that complains about having to wear an ugly badge all day...then this gift is for her.
For $10 you can get her a badge holder ...custom made just for her...and for an extra $10 there is the choice of matching watch band!! Fun.

Here I have the brown and gold eyeglass holder ($10) with matching earrings ($4), matching watch band $10 with an additional $10 for the watch face) or a memory wire bracelet that sells for $8.

One more new item are my clunky rings...I have made up two designs so far for your Christmas parties that is made up of various sized red, green and crystal beads, and one ring done in clear crystals that will be just perfect for this years Christmas party. I will add more pictures tomorrow (Tuesday) so come back to see them!
This picture shows my crystal and silver watch band ($10 +$10 for a watch face too), crystal and silver necklace and earring set ($16.00) and crystal ring with Swarovski crystals ($10)...or the whole set for $35
More brooches - this one is round instead of oval...$17.50
This is the only brooch that cannot also be worn as a necklace. I could make it possible if someone wanted it that way. This brooch is only $12.50

The lavender brooch shown is has been went this morning and is in the mail already. The earrings did not go with it so if you would like an elegant pair of cameo earrings with antique gold frames these are only $12.50 for the pair.

I am posting a few new things here - if you are new to this blog site then scan on down to older posts that show all of my necklaces and watches from past posts. I will also have more pictures to post tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More watchbands!!

I've been busy busy busy this week but not TOO busy to make more watch bands. I'm being inspired right now by the watch faces I got in the mail last week. You will see my prices are for the WATCH BAND ONLY.... if you want a watch face it is an additional $10.00. My watchbands run from $7.50 to $12.00 each depending on the beads that make them up.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to create watch bands with matching necklaces. I have several here that I made to match necklaces that I already had.
This one I made just especially for the watch band though. This is the second watch band that I made and when I bought the beads I bought enough to make a necklace with it...and so, created this gorgeous piece. I call it Peach Beauty - the necklace and earrings alone would sell for $25. The watch band is another $10, and the watch face another $10.00 ...that's $45 for ALL, but I've discounted them, as a group, to $40.00

This necklace is called Checkered circles and it looks great with this watch band. I could make a necklace to match the bracelet perfectly or a watch band to match the necklace perfectly. Three choices with this one if you are interested in a matched set. The necklace and earrings sell for $20.00 The watch band plus the watch face and the necklace set would be discounted to $35.00 for all.
Copper marble is the name of this necklace set. You can see where I got the name for this one with the oversized marble stones. This necklace normally sells for $22.00. The watch band would be $12.00 and the watch face an additional $10.00 if you wanted it also. However, necklace, earrings, watch face and watch band would sell for only $40.00 instead of the $44.00 separately.
This necklace is called Garden Mist and I have posted it previously also. It has matching earrings and it HAD a bracelet that went with it. However, I was not happy with the wiring on the bracelet and so took it apart and made this matching watch band for it. With the Swarovski element pieces (2) placed into the watch band (they cost me $1.50 apiece!) I have to charge $12.00 for this watch band.
This is my turquoise dichroic glass necklace and earring set. The watch band is made up of the same bead work and is stunning with the copper toned watch face. The pricing on this set is: $24.00 for the necklace and earrings, $12.00 for the watch band, plus $10.00 for the watch face. I would discount it to $40.00 also.

This watch band is in crystals and silvers - one that you could wear with almost anything. It sells for $10.00 for the watch band. The watch face would be another $10.00
This is the same watch band you just looked at. You can see more of the detail of the watch band above.
This watch band is made up of large pieces of amethyst with other beads in silver and purples and lavenders. $10.00 -

This watch would match the necklace I sold this summer called Carnelian Heart. As you can see it has large pottery squares, circles and one heart in carnelian tones. It is accented in gold. It sells for $12.00. I do have additional pieces that I could make another matching necklace for it.
Most of the watch faces have bars on each side of the watch face that you connect the two lobster claws to. I make a double stranded watch band for them . The watch band above in browns and the one below in pinks are made with a single 'strand' and a single lobster claw on each end to connect to smaller watch faces that have loops on each end. These watches will be less expensive - the bands will sell for $7.50 each as will the watch face.
You can see this watch face has the metal loops at each side for a single lobster claw. They are also interchangeable with different watch bands. This whole watch AND watch band set would sell for $15.00

There are actually two necklaces that go with this watch band. The one on the left called Evening Splendor is a one of a kind series that I have posted previously. Double click on the picture so you can see the beauty of this watch band. The pendant on the necklace is a Swarovski Element and I have placed two identical pieces into the watch band so it is a truly elegant piece. The necklace and earring set sells for $24.00 normally. The watch band costs $12.00 and then add an additional $10 for the watch face. I would give a 10%+ discount if you bought the watch, the band, and the necklace...$40.00 for all.

The necklace on the right is an illusion necklace called Porcelain Beauty that normally sells for $15.00 - again add $12.00 for the watch band, and another $10.00 for the watch face but I would discount all to just $33.00 for the complete set.

This watch band was on my last blog but kind of got lost in the shuffle. As I took pictures for my Etsy site I decided this was so pretty I needed to post it again. $10.00 for the watch band

My ladybug watch band sells for $10.00
This watch band is fun as it has two little picture frames that you can slip pictures of your loved ones into....great gift for a new mom!!! It will sell for $12.00 for the band. This one is done in pale pinks but it can be done in pale blues or any color tone you wanted!
Last but not least is this sunshine yellow watch band. It is not the same one that I showed you last week with the yellow pearl flat beads and crystals all around. It has some of the same beads but also has big pale yellow pearls and cute little sunshine flowers. Only $10.00 for the watch band and/or $10.00 for the watch face.

I haven't had time to post any of these to my etsy site so if you want any of these just email me a Again - I make custom jewelry so if you have a special color desired or if you prefer big and clunky or petite and small - just email me and we will figure it out for you.