Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally Something New!

I can't believe that its been over three months since I last posted new jewelry! But there was definitely a slow slow period where I think I had decided no one liked my creations so why bother. I know now that was in conjunction with the months of illness I went through this Spring and I simply didn't feel like 'creating' anything.
Once I got my office moved from downstairs to an upstairs room where I could sit down and play with beads anytime I wanted things have changed. I have wonderful sunlight that pours in through the window giving me excellent lighting and that really helps.

I did run into one glitch this last month however and that was on the necklace below. It was a special order and I think I remade the entire necklace at least five times. Amazing. The lady I was making it for wanted first of all - a solid necklace because she is allergic to most metals - so she picked out the pink tones she loved and we decided on sterling silver findings. The style she picked did not work well - she wanted about six dangles of beads coming off the bottom of the necklace and no matter how I tried it didn't look good. So then I took the dangles and tried to make delicate loops - nope, nada, no way. Finally I simply took the 'dangles' that I had made in separate pieces and hooked them together with sterling silver links. So pretty, so delicate - I hope she likes it.
Pink Delight -
This is Donna's necklace - the one I worked on for three weeks! And it is much prettier than the photo shows. It is made up of Swarovski crystals, other crystals, pink pearls, and sterling silver spacer beads. Each grouping of 11 beads were strung on short pieces of 19 string wire and finished at each end with sterling silver spring beads. The S hook connector on the necklace is sterling silver as are all other findings in the piece. The earrings are two separate dangles connected in the center so they will move separately of one another. By the way, the pretty flowers were picked for me by my sweet husband while we were camping in the mountains last weekend.

Feathers of Gold
One of a Kind Series!

Stunning 1 1/2 inch pendant of metallic feathers (gold, copper and silver) sets the stage for this sparkling gold toned necklace and earring set. I made this necklace in a matter of two days as I again started with an idea that just simply didn't look good. I decided to take the idea from the Pink Delight necklace above and create separate sections of beads, one in silver, one in copper and one in gold. As I laid them out I was not happy with the clash of the different colored sections. Gorgeous as each of them were, it overwhelmed the pendant and made it tooooo busy. So I made the first section of small spacer beads in the three metals and then stayed with the gold tones for the rest of the necklace. The color combination repeats itself throughout the 19 inch necklace that is beaded in separate pieces to lay softly around your neckline. The flowered magnet closure adds t the overall design. Hypoallergenic fish hook earring wires hold a single dangle of matching beads. $24.oo set

Jasper Elegance
There was a fantastic tree trunk at our campsite this last week up in the mountains. I was amazed how it 'set' the necklaces off. So often many of the backgrounds I use for the jewelry seem to throw back extra light but this tree stump seemed to absorb it and leave the beauty of the necklace. This necklace is made from polished jasper rocks in all colors. I have taken various colors and shapes of the rock and separated them with antique gold toned spacer beads. The 22 inch necklace closes with a beautiful rose toggle hook that is not shown in this picture. The earrings are a simple dangle of three smaller jasper pieces so it won't be too heavy for the fish hook earring wires.Jasper Illusion

As with the necklace above (Jasper Elegance) this necklace is created around the natural beauty of polished jasper. This 33 inch necklace combines many sections of triple stones that are beaded with antique gold toned spacer beads spread out on 19 strand necklace wire and has a magnet closure. The combination of stones and delicacy is fantastic. The matching hypoallergenic earrings are a quadruple drop of the smallest stones I had so as to avoid being to heavy. This gorgeous set sells for $20.
Black Iridescence

This necklace started out to be another illusion style necklace but as I was making it I realized how beautiful it was just sliding across the 19 strand necklace wire I had put it on. The 19 inch length is perfect for this style as it lays at your collar bone and sparkles as you move. The magnet closure has a cute handmade hand charm to help you find the closure at the back of your neck for easy removal. The hypoallergenic earrings of silver tone fish hooks are a single dangle. $17.50 per set

Pink Sparkly Illusion Necklace and Earring Set
Soft Pink Swarovski crystals lay softly against your neck just above the collar bone to create a sparkle of beauty. The 19 inch necklace has a magnet closure with a double heart charm to help you locate the closure when you are wearing the necklace. The matching earrings are a single drop of large and small soft pink Swarovski crystals. $20.00 a set.

DaVinci Charms Peach
Necklace and Bracelet Set
This is one of the few necklaces I have that are not hand made. I ordered them online thinking the beads were cute and fun - when they arrived I found them very heavy and decided to sell them as is. Then I started seeing them on sale in different stores - The bracelet and matching necklace sell for $16.00 a set or $10 each.
DaVinci Charms Blue and Green
Necklace and Bracelet Set
Again, these are not hand made. I ordered them online thinking the beads were cute and fun - when they arrived I found them very heavy and decided to sell them as is. Then I started seeing them on sa00le in different stores - The bracelet and matching necklace sell for $16.00 a set or $10 each piece (And yes, I know the picture is a bit blurry but I wanted you to have a close up of the beads )
Copper Marble Necklace and Earring Set
This 21” necklace is made of copper toned materials. Starting with a 19 strand copper necklace wire it combines large marble and white toned oval beads that are highlighted with a combination of bright copper mini ovals, a sparkling translucent toned cut bead and a long circular rectangle bead that compliments the copper tones throughout the necklace The necklace has a toggle closure . Hypoallergenic copper toned fish hook wires have a triple drop dangles of chain and the some of the same beads as the necklace. It doesn’t have the large oval stone due to the weight of the stone - they are too heavy for earrings . The set sells for $22.

Garnet Chunks w/ Silver Chain
Two necklaces and one pair of earrings. The shorter necklace is made up of deep burgundy toned rocks, iridescent crystals, flat burgundy squares all interspersed with silver toned balls of striated metal. The 12 ½ inches of beadwork is then connected to 11 inches of interwoven silver toned chain creating a lovely necklace that is 23 ½ in length. The matching chain necklace can be worn either with the beaded necklace or separately and is 28 inches in length. Both necklaces have magnet closures The hypoallergenic earrings are a single dangle of the same stones. $26.00 for ALL Again - I need to retake this picture as we lose the necklace in the background.

I promise not to take three months to post new pictures. In fact, as I try to post this blogspot isn't letting me post them! More work to come...on this site plus on new necklaces!