Sunday, September 16, 2012

Septembers Pretties

I have not been doing a whole lot of creating this summer - we have had a wonderful summer of travel and camping...I would take a few beads and wire with me but most of my beads were left at home.   I can't remember which necklaces I have posted so I am just picking out the ones that we captured on film after June.  Many of these are still up at our campground in Idaho at the clubhouse for sale or sold ...I haven't checked lately...we will be picking it all up at the end of this month and then the necklaces I still have I will put up on
 Brass and Pearls $18.00 for the set
 Silver Swirl Necklace $20 plus $8 for the arrowhead pendant
 $28.00 for Grey Linen and Brass 
 Coral Rock $20 for the set
Copper Curves $20 for the set
 Wrapped Bear Claw - finally something for the guys ...just $15
(sorry but it is not a real claw...but good looking nevertheless)

 Celestial Squares...I put both of these pictures up so that you can see the color tones - The squares are actually translucent pink...  Due to the cost of the beads this set sells for $30!
 Orange Flame ...$20 for the set
Brass Feathers...Only $22 for this fun set 
 You will be seeing more of this type of jewelry...I just took a class and learned how to paint and bake and paint and bake and so on and so forth with metal pieces  -  I took a preformed brass butterfly and painted it and baked it and glittered it...this set is $25.00 (It has matching lightweight mini butterfly earrings)  
 Rhodonite Fan - $20.00 for the set
 Okay - this set is my most expensive set EVER.  It is made up of REAL turquoise, REAL coral, and REAL sterling silver beads  - then I strung it together with hand made non tarnish silver wrapping wire that I twisted into fun little springs to add interest.  The set includes the earrings which dangle from sterling silver hoops.
$50.00 is really a steal for this one!

OKAY - the next four necklaces were made and sold to a dear friend....Although they have been sold most can be recreated if desired
 Bright and Colorful!!  $24
 Black Beauty $28
 Taupe Crystal  - $30

Limeade - $25

As always - if you see anything you like - and want to order one you get a 20% discount for ordering through this blogsite - If I need to mail it to you I add a $2 mailing fee.  If you see something that you want in different colors, different lengths, maybe different metal (gold, copper, silver, black, brass, etc.) just  let me know.  I would be glad to work with you to create a necklace that is just for YOU!!  
and as always ...custom made - 100% guarantee

This necklace is also for Jane - to match a dress that is taupe in color with  apricot, teal blue and green flowers...The earrrings look like they clash in the photo but add a gorgeous sparkle instead.  This one is going for $30 also