Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome back!

There are only six new pictures to show you today - the screen on my camera broke and although it still takes pretty good pictures I can't see what I am taking pictures of!! I just point and shoot and hope I have the picture centered. I am going to have to break down and buy me a new camera (especially BEFORE I go to Hawaii in October!)

Anyway - here are the last six that I have taken pictures of - I will try and add more this week.

This necklace is titled Hot Pink Moon - when I found this pendant I went right home and made a necklace out of it. I am worried that the earrings are too much with the necklace - at least for my taste. I wore it to church Sunday but switched earrings with another single dangle that wasn't quite so bold. But that is my taste and I know there are alot of people out there that love the bling. That's what makes life so fun - anyway this set sells for $28.00 because I paid full price for the pendant (!) and all of the Swarovski crystals in it (32!!). There is a softer picture of it below.

This black and silver "dotted swiss" pendant has been in my 'to do' box for some time. I finally decided it looked best on just a silver wire!! The earrings are small replica's of the pendant. This set is called Ovals and Rectangles (the rectangular pendant is attached to the chain by oval jump rings) and is only $15 for the set
Again, there is a second picture below - this only shows of the pendant much better.

This necklace is called "Beauty of the Earth" because of the earthtones involved - shells and rock beads are part of the bead work and then the charms that dangle off the chains are butterflies, leaves and feathers. It has an earthy feel and is a fun necklace set to wear. Especially fun are the earrings which highlight a gold flower on one dangle and a gold butterfly on the other- this set sells for $26.00 for the necklace and earrings.

Green is in this fall and this necklace was just redone with golden toned chain and earrings. The bracelet has been sold although I could make another like it. The bracelet is made with memory wire so it wraps around the wrist rather than a clasp closure. The earrings are in the same multiple green tones with the same chain as the necklace. The necklace and earrings sell for $18.00 - The bracelet is an additional $7 or $25.00 for the whole set.

This is the necklace made of pearls and chains that I talked about in my grandmasusansspot blog. Most of my designs come from inside my head but I saw this one in a beadbook and loved it. It is made of pale pink glass pearls and silver toned chains with beautiful silver spacer beads connecting the two sections together. The matching earrings are a single drop of pearls and silver beads. This set sells for $18.00 and it would be interesting to try the design in a different color of pearl and maybe a gold chain instead of the silver.I have saved the best for last with this one - also the most expensive set I have made so far. Two things add to the cost of this design. First of all the pendant is a Lia Sophia pendant - anyone that has attended a Lia Sophia party knows the quality of this jewelry. This pendant is no longer available in the catalog - double click on the picture and enlarge it and you can see what a gorgeous pendant it is. Since the pendant itself was of superb quality I used sterling silver 'finding's (jump rings, silver cones, earring wires, etc.) instead of the usual silver toned metals. The earrings are made of Crystal Swarovski beads and black glass pearls in a single drop. The whole set goes for $40.00

Remember though - if you see something you like, email me and I will discount the price 20% - that would make this necklace set only $32.00 - elegant and refined.