Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Is Coming!!

This Mother's Day Special includes GIFT WRAP!!!!!

Mother's Day is coming fast - here is a simply marvelous gift for your mother. Simply click on the Etsy.com link (to the right) and pick the perfect necklace and earring set - find the set that 'looks like her' and order it today!! I will gift wrap it and send it with a card with your own salutations and mail it to your mom in time for Mother's Day - you ONLY have a week to get your order to me!! order your gift for mom TODAY! Right now!
You can pay with PayPal at Etsy.com - and still get your discount. Simply email me the order and I will go in and discount your choice by 20%....then you can choose to have it mailed (for $1.95) or pick it up at my home...EASY!!

Does your mom like pearls?? crystals?? chains?? long necklaces? short ones?? Or would she prefer a bracelet or ankle bracelet? Does she have pierced ears or does she need clip ons?? Maybe you want a necklace only with out any earrings - we can work that out too!

Maybe you see a necklace that you think she would like but it is the wrong color ...there is a good chance I could make one just for your mom in HER favorite color....send me an email at: ......................................petalsoftjewelry@willden.org and ASK!!

Each Mother is different - don't give her the same old stuff - a new blouse....or flowers... or even a toaster (Heaven forbid) ...spend five minutes looking through my jewelry at Etsy.com and find the perfect handmade, one of a kind necklace sets that says....

Mother, I love you, so very very much...

(gift wrapped with love and sent anywhere in the United States)

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