Monday, February 7, 2011

New Stuff

I can't believe that it has been four weeks since my last blog - shame on me. I have slowed down on the number of watches and necklaces that I have made but there are some pretty ones to enjoy.

First of all I will show you my favorite pieces - The pearl watch above sells for $15 - simple elegance with pearls.

I made this necklace for a friend last November and still have another one of the gorgeous spray pendants - I don't have the great big clunky wooden beads but could find something similar if you fall in love with this one. The cost is $20.00 for the set.

This is a set that I have redone and it looks like a million dollars now - the wheels are actual polished stone and are called rhondels --and they would look great with jeans or a suit. Gold tone hypoallergenic earrings carry through with the same polished jasper beads. $22.00 set
This necklace is made up of crystals and pearls and banded stone beads. This is a one of a kind necklace that will be sure to bring the kudos your way. $20.00 set
I call this watch my gray pearl watch. It is one of the 'flat' bands with chinese crystals and rhinestone dividers ....$15
This is the red and black charm set. The necklace sells for $12 with matching earrings included - the watch is gorgeous all by itself also. Below is a side view of the different beads making up this watch....The watch sells for $18. SPECIAL PRICE ON THE WHOLE SET....$25.00

Another simple but sparkly watch band - this one is made of chinese crystals and spacer beads. The band is beaded right onto the watch face. This one sells for $15 also
This beauty is called Banded gold because of the two banded beads that add such richness to the whole watch. $18.00
I redid this watch because it was too bulky and too large for most wrists - it is made up of Chinese crystals, stones, and rhinestone spacers - all in a deep deep green. $18.00
Pearls of all different sizes and colors - a fun watch to wear. The watch face is threaded right onto the actual band. $15.00 for the whole set.
This is another view of the Lime green and crystal watch shown at the top of the blog. I put these colors together for my granddaughter and loved it so much that I created another one with most of the same beads. This one looks like SPRING!! $18.00

Last but not least is my newest lavendar and silver watch band. As you can see there are all sorts of beautiful beads making up this watch band - $18.00

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