Sunday, October 24, 2010

BiG SaLe

With Halloween just a week away I am discounting the price on all of my Halloween Jewelry. Most of it is now only $5.00 each with the exception of one necklace/bracelet/earring set that is made up of more expensive charms.

This is my sale board....with clearance prices on everything. The skull necklaces and the crystal necklaces are ONLY $4.00 each!!! The Halloween bracelets and the Halloween earrings are going for $5.00.
This is a close up of the Crystal necklace. It is made up of crystals in green, purple, and black with an orange bead at the bottom that reflects the orange back at you! I have necklaces still in gold or silver chain, and one black cord. Only $4 each!
The skull is a fun necklace for guys or gals...I have this one in yellow, and also one in red and one in rust color. All hang from a black cord. FOUR BUCKS!

Everything is on sale! This fun Halloween charm necklace set has been discounted from $22.50 for the set to only $15 for the set. As you can see, it is made up of cute Halloween charms....since the charms run almost a $1 apiece wholesale it makes the necklace a bit more expensive than the others. But still so cute and fun to wear as a set. I will sell the pieces separately... $7.50 each for the necklace or bracelet and $5 for the earrings. I only have the one set available so call or email me quickly to order so someone else doesn't get it first!

A closeup of the earrings!
I have also got some cute bracelets for sale that aren't "Halloweenie". More of the fun charms! These cute charm bracelets are selling for $7.50 each. The one above is called Hearts and fairies. You can see the different hearts and the cute tinkerbells hanging off of it.
This one is titled Butterflies. So cute and so fun to wear. If you would rather have these charms put on a chain bracelet that can be arranged. So far I only have these made up in silver but can make a gold toned bracelet with fun charms also.
Last but not least is this one called apples and strawberries. Somehow I need to get a bit more creative with my titles but they describe the charms so I know which bracelet is which. Again - these are all just $7.50 apiece

If there is anything here you want to order, call me, email me or comment on this blog sight with an email address if I don't already have it - tell me what you want and I will deliver it to your door long as you live within 8-10 minutes...with my pulled muscle in my leg I still can't drive more than ten minutes without hurting really bad!

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