Sunday, October 31, 2010


You guys are gonna get so sick and tired of me and my jewelry but I'm having a ball. I finally broke down and started making watch bands and it is so fun. I've made a bunch of them which you will see - later on I want to make matching necklace and earring sets too - so your watch will match your necklace! More fun.

I've been busy and made 17 or 18 watch bands and today I got my watch faces in the mail ...just like Christmas! I had to match 'em up colorwise and that kept me entertained for a while!
Here is my display covered with different watch bands: hot pink, pink, lime green, brown, lavender, another brown, salmon and peach.
Here are the same eight watch bands with watch faces!! Color coordinated! The bands pretty much sell for $10.00 each and the watch faces for $10 each - you can mix and match - you don't have to buy a watch face if you only want the band. But I had fun matching them up. Some of the watch bands will sell for $12.00 and some for $8, with the majority of them selling for $10. It all depends on the cost of the beads that they are made with. I have started using a double elastic thread as I make them to strengthen the bands.
More than half of the watch bands I have made so far are 'flat' bands - the beads laying flat on your wrist rather than being big and clunky. I am making big and clunky ones also but I for one like a jeweled flat beaded band with sparklies (of course!) Again though, I do custom and if you tell me what you need I will create it YOUR WAY! This crystal bracelet is a custom order - a friend described what she wanted and I found the beads and made it for her - at no EXTRA charge. $20 for watch and watch band/bracelet.

This is the same watch as above - with the watch face she picked out.This group includes the black and white clunky watch band/bracelet, my very first watch band/bracelet (the brown toned one) and a lady bug watch band/bracelet ...
This yellow watch band shows the round pearlized bead (and with a flat back) with matching Chinese crystals and the silver toned rhinestone separators. Rich and beautiful I have made watch band/bracelets like this in pink, peach, salmon, black, brown, yellow and lavender so far. I am keeping my eyes open for more beads like this in blues, greens and true reds.

This is the watch band I made for Mauri for her birthday - as soon as I saw these cobalt blue glass beads I knew I had to make it up for a birthday present. It turned out gorgeous I think.

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