Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm just about ready for the boutique - it should be lots of fun. And if all of my vendors show up we should have a great array of items -

of course I have to show you what I've gotten finished for today

This delicate beauty sells for $10 total - band and watch. I have quite a few watch faces like this to choose from. And three of the small watch bands - but you can pick out your beads and I will make one just for you... $5 each or $10 for the band and watch.

I have made two different badge holders - This black and crystal one has a watch band to match - $10 for the badge holder and $10 for the watch band. Pick a watch face too and you can have all three for $25.00
This is what I got done on Wednesday when it was too cold to go out. Some real gorgeous watch bands. $10 and $12 depending on the make up of the watch (my cost on the stones)
Of course its not a Boutique without a really good sale - there are about 25 necklace sets plus bracelets in the box for 50% OFF!! What a treasure!
Rings - this year the style is: clunky rings with lots of bling. I have made five different rings 0 black crystal, Christmas colors, turquoise, topaz and crystal....out of chinese crystals and swarovski crystal beads - so pretty! Great gift for someone you love OR great bling for your own finger at your big Christmas party this year.

Remember - BLACK FRIDAY, Friday November 26 from 5 pm to 8pm and tomorrow Saturday Nov 27 from 10 am to 2 pm at my house 744 S 200 E - hope to see you there

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