Friday, October 14, 2011

Its about time!!!

I don't know why it is so hard to find time to post a few pictures to let you see what I have been up to...I guess mainly it is because Ed and I have been so busy camping all summer. Before we head out on our Caribbean Cruise I decided to add a few more pictures.

Ed and I headed to Cedar City this summer for a fun week with an young college roommate of many years ago (she is young...she is only three months older than I am!!) While perusing one of the many book shops that we wandered through Linda found a FUN book on how to make all sorts of charms ... I have made bottle cap charms and key charm s and poured resin charms and rolled clay charms and as soon as I replace the drill bit for my husband's drill (gee, that would be a nice Christmas present from someone who loves very own drill!) I will make dice charms and scrabble block charms and bullet(!) charms. I am having fun!

Anyway - the Rosy Red charm necklace shown above has some of my homemade charms on it.
This necklace sparkles beautifull with the black, grey, and crystal chinese crystals wired into it. It is called Silver Links and is a lovely charm necklace
FEATHERS ARE IN~ this year everywhere you look you see feathers and so I started making gorgeous necklaces with hanging feathers. This is my Feathery Fun Necklace Set in Red - only $18.00
Now you see it in Turquoise....I also have made it up in green, pale pink, yellow, hot pink, and purple!!! What a fun way to stay in style.
I took a class this summer and learned how to do wire wrap. I did actually wrap two beautiful pendants but finally realized my eyesight was not good enough for that type of wire wrapping. So I learned a different way - This beautiful cracked marble pendant with crystals is wrapped with sterling silver wire and is simply gorgeous. It sells on my Etsy sight for $28.00 but I am putting it on sale here for just $22.00 (and that includes sterling silver earrings with it!)
Last but certainly not least is the Crystal Bezels...I have taken silver toned 4 petal filagrees and wrapped them around a crystal bezel. I strung it onto my favorite 19 strand necklace wire along with silver toned beads, Swarovski crystals and lovely little silver and rhinestone rhondells and created this stunning necklace with matching earrings. This set does sell for $28 for the set due to the cost of the many components.

Hope you enjoyed my newest creations. I made several more different necklaces but I have sold them!!!! Maybe I will find some fun new beads on my vacation

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