Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to Blog!!

Not feeling well today so its been a lazy Sunday.  That being said I've been taking pictures of some of my necklaces that I have created in the last month or so (when I wasn't off playing)

This tan and grey shell is the focal point of this 32 inch necklace and hangs off center from the gold toned large link chain.  Actually I have two different chains hooked together for a funkier look.  The wire wrap on this shell is highlighted with a caged yellow stone.  On the opposite side of the necklace is another gold caged stone with flat diamond shaped grey stone hangs offsides and slightly above the shell piece.   If you go to my petalsoft jewelry Etsy site you can see several different views of this necklace.  $18.00 for this necklace.  As of right now I haven't got matching earrings but they wouldn't be hard to add for another $5.

This is an amazing set.  I started with a fascinating natural stone rock (in the center) and added some antique gold wire beads on each side and even more rocks...round ones, flat ones and the 
coup de resistance are the large round cork beads (the tan and brown ones).  I have strung them all together and then added a chain that has a combination of antique gold and copper links.  The necklace is 18 inches with a toggle closure.  It seems to have an understated elegance and keeping in line with that I made the earrings as a simple dangle of the same chain - hypoagllergenic fish hooks.  $24.00
Feathery Fun in Pale Pink  - $18.00 set
Feathery Fun in yellow
Feathery Fun in Purple with Gold    .....                    and silver   

I promise there aren't any more feathers - they seem to be real popular though and I can make them in hot pink and red and green and of course the natural tones...all of them sell for $18.00 a set

I can't remember which of the following I've posted and which I haven't...I think I am only duplicating ONE set...but here goes:
Burgandy Translucent Ring - this is an adjustable ring that was bought from a kit and made into this lucious ring - it is a translucent plastic several layers deep and wired together and onto the ring base.  The rosette is 2 inches in diameter.  It can be yours for only $8.00

Real amethyst polished stones are wired together with sterling silver wire wrapping and set off with hand made wire knots.  You have 60 inches of a beautiful chain interspered with these groupings of knots, and stones.   You can wear this in a double or triple drape.  I matched this necklace up with simple single dangle earrings so as not to distract from the beauty of the necklace.  The earrings are made of mini amethyst stones and purple swarovski crystals and sterling silver hooks.  $28.00

I know this is a repeat necklace but the program won't let me delete it.  I have taken aurora borealis rhinestones wrapped in silver bezels and combined them with Swarovski crystals and rhinestone studded rhondelles to make a 19 inch necklace just full of sparkles.  The earrings are also made up with the rhondelles and crystals handing from sterling silver fish hook earring wires.  $25.00
This Red Swarovski crystal necklace was supposed to be an illusion necklace but I liked it much better with everything strung at the bottom.  It is a very dainty necklace (the littlest silver beads are less than 1 mm in size and the crytals are only 6 mm each.  You can see different tones of red in each of the Swarovski crystals, however the crystal on the far is NOT orange.  Somehow the camera grabbed at that color.  The necklace starts with the deepest red crystals in the center going lighter towards each end.  The earrings are also made up of the same multiple tones of Swarovski crystals - three dangles hanging from a sterling silver hook.  The 19 inch necklace is made on my 19 strand necklace wire (yes, that  is 19 strands all wrapped into one).  It is my favorite wire to use to create my necklaces.  Most of your jewelry makers will use a simple fishing line that they tie into place.  I use the far more expensive necklace wire with crimp beads.  I have used a magnet closure on this necklace but also like to use toggle closures - anything but a lobster claw (those are the mangy little critters that are so impossible to keep open  while trying to grab that itsy bitsy jump ring on the other side.  $18.00

This necklace is 19 inches of a gorgeous polished Quartzsite black mini stone - lots and lots and lots of teensy rocks set off with antique silver and rhinestone rhondelles. Again I have used a magnet closure - so easy on and off but with a strong enough pull to keep it around your neck.  I have placed a delicate rhinestone charm from the closure area so you can find where to 'pull' the magnet apart.  The earrings are made up four dangles of  the teensy stones and all sorts of crystal beads - again using the sterling silver earring hooks.  $18.00
I promised no more feather necklaces this post but I didn't say anything about earrings.  I have only just begun with these gorgeous things.  The teenagers are wearing them 8 and 10 inches long, dangling off of their shoulder.  
These two pair are only 5 1/2 inches long but they still make a statement.  The natural tones of these feathers look great with greys and  blacks and browns and tans etc.  My next post will have these same type of earrings with dangles of sparkles and chains added to them.  These are a steal at $8 a pair.  Many people have asked me if it doesn't drive me crazy with feathers tickling at me all the time but surprisingly enough they don't.  After you've had them on for maybe 20 seconds you don't even feel them anymore.
Remember that gorgeous chain that was a combination of copper and antique gold links - I have used it again to create this simple but beautiful seashell charm necklace.  The seashell has been highlighted around the edges with bright silver paint and is simply beautiful.  No matching earrings but a great price at $14.00  

Don't forget!!!  Anything that you order by through my blog spot is 20% off the prices you see listed!!!  Just send me an email at  There is a link at the upper right hand side of this blog - just click on it and drop me an email.  If you don't live close enough to have me deliver it to you, I can mail it to you for just $2 more.

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