Sunday, February 26, 2012

End of February

We've been pretty busy here lately - 
Wednesday I drove to Parker 35 miles away to see a doctor and have my boil lanced. 

Thursday we were involved in a real fun ATV ride from our campground that went for about 70 miles.  Ed and I didn't ride that day, rather we 'manned' check point #4 for the friends that were riding.  It was a 
'poker run' other words, the first station you pay $5 and draw a card.  Another 10 miles down the road is checkpoint #2 where you draw another card.  10-15 miles farther (and on top of Preacher's Ridge where we got to see Big Horn Sheep the day we planned the ride out the week before) is checkpoint #3 for card #4 and then another 10 miles on is checkpoint #4 where we sat and let them each reshuffle the cards and draw card #4, then back to checkpoint #5 for the last card in your hand.   We ended up with a total pot of $135 which they split two ways...the winner with the best hand (a pair of kings!) earned $70 and the winner with the lowest card hand won $65.  We had put out over 300 flags clipped to bushes, trees, etc to mark the trail for the people to follow.  Every one seemed to have a great time - it was a great ride with rocks, hills, washes, straight runs etc.   

Friday we spent all day in Quartzsite.  We took the trailer in to Discount Solar where he had the trailer rewired so that our solar power goes through the inverter directly to our 110 outlets.

Then Saturday Ed and I went back to Parker for another six hours at the ER waiting to be seen as a follow up for my boil, to make sure it was healing again.

I worked on this necklace as we sat by our truck at the Poker Run check point on Thursday.  I pulled this design from a new book on wire wrap...and I hammered the copper wire giving it a beaten look.

The full necklace - I need to take another picture with a better view of the earrings.

Coral Shells - this necklace is so gorgeous.  I wore it yesterday and the waitress where we ate immediately ordered one like it in turquoise.   She said that $23 was a steal!   It is made out of shell pieces and crystals.  You will soon see pictures of the same necklace made in turquoise, gray/black, sienna brown and purple!  

Another pair of foot bracelets - this time in turquoise.

I am making another necklace to string below this one to soften the heaviness of the mini rock slabs.  Again - I need to take some better pictures.   Maybe I will use Ed's camera as mine needs to be replaced.

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