Sunday, January 29, 2012

January designs

We've had some warm days and some cold days - on the cold days I sit inside our trailer and make pretties.  There are several ladies here in our campground that make jewelry and I have gotten some fun new ideas from them.  I am going to teach a class on Wednesday on the actual wire wrap that I enjoy doing.  I will probably also teach them how to make the foot bracelets too (see below)!

Brown and Gold Wire Wrap Necklace:  This is one of my several wire wraps - there are all sorts of designs that fall under this category.  This faceted brown stone is set off with a gold toned wire wrap - all hanging off of a simple gold toned chain. It sells for $8 - no earrings although I could make some matching ones very simply for a couple dollars more.  

Lavender Bail Necklace and Earring Set:  This is a lavender stone that hangs from a beautiful beaded necklace with a silver toned bail.  You can see a couple of the gorgeous flat silver toned bead that separates the lavender stone and lavender pearl beads.   $18.  Go to my Etsy site to see more pictures of the whole necklace.
Peach Pearl Necklace and Earring Set:  Peach pearls separated by bronze crystals string together to make  this 19 inch neckl.  The beautiful seashell is wire wrapped with copper gold toned 26 gauge wire with another peach pearl wrapped in the center.  Only $22 includes a set of dangling pearl and chinese crystal earrings
Turquoise Chunk Necklace and Earring Set:  I initially created this necklace on elastic watch strands but it wasn't strong enough to hold together - so I restrung it into a 19 inch necklace on my 19 strand necklace wire.  You can see the fun oversized chunks of turquoise plastic beads.  The earrings are made with matching beads of various sizes.  It has a toggle closure.  Only $16.00 a set
Topaz Foot Bracelet Set:  This is just perfect for wearing to the beach or to the pool ... or just around the house.  It is a bracelet that slips over your foot around your ankle and then the elastic at the other end of it slips around your toe ...voila!!  A gorgeous FOOT bracelet!  This one fits sizes 8 1/2 through 10 but I can make any color any size.   Each order includes two matching foot bracelets.  They are very comfortable to wear because you slip the elastic under and around the toe and the beads sit on top of your foot.  Only $15 a set.
Tiger's Eye Stone Necklace and Earring Set:  This 19 inch necklace is made of diamond shaped distressed Tiger's Eye stones separated by fun z shaped beads of the same stone and gold toned beads.  The earrings are made of matching gold toned beads and tiger's eye beads hanging from gold toned chains.  $20 for the necklace and earring set.


Black Fire:  A fantastic necklace of black ovals and aurora borealis chinese crystals that sparkles in the sun.  The fun black rhinestone studded bead separates the four ovals and makes the necklace a true one of a kind.  The necklace is 19 inches in length with a black toggle closure and is strung onto 19 strand necklace wire - my favorite for its durability.  The earrings are simple double dangles of black chinese crystals hanging off of black toned chain - $20 for the set
Twists and Ovals Necklace and Earring Set:  This 19 inch necklace is made up of magnalite twists and beautiful ovals stones separated by antique silver toned beads.   A silver toned rose toggle closure makes for easy on and off.  The matching earrings are made of the matching silver toned beads along with the magnalite twist bead.   $20.00 per set


Copper Twist Wire Wrap Necklace:  This two inch diameter dichroic medallion simply glows with copper, browns and golds.  I have taken copper gold 26 gauge wire and created a bail that connects to a 22 inch long copper toned chain.  The bail wraps down through the medallion opening and is twisted into a double coil, one with a pale pink chinese crystal and one with a copper cube.  Only $12 for this beauty.  No earrings.

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