Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy day...creating stuff is so fun

Yeah - it is so much fun to let the ideas roll and see what I can create - I bought a LOT of beads down in Arizona because they were so inexpensive ($2 a strand compared to $6 or $8 up here)...I could kind of picture what I wanted to do with stuff as I bought it and now here it is...

I need to try and retake the pictures on the black velvet background - I know this first necklace would show better. The main bead on this triple strand illusion necklace was bought on Maui - it is a small oval mother of pearls. Ever since October when we purchase these beads I have been looking for the something to compliment it and I found some greyish fresh water pearls in Quartzsite and today I laid out the beads and finally decided I needed three strands of illusion wire and I inserted a couple of spacers 2/3 of the way down both sides of the necklace to keep it from getting too tangled. I spend hours making this one - probably a good 2 1/2 hours on the necklace and then another hour on the dangly earrings. But it turned out good.

The first picture above shows the whole necklace and earrings - the 2nd picture gives you a close up of all the beads. Row 1 has the flat oval beads and a grey irridescent round oval bead. Row 2 has the gray mother of pearl interspersed with a seafoam green irridescent 4 mm Swarovski crystal, and the inner row is simply an irridescent pale blue 4mm Swarovski crystal. It lays around your neck so softly. I think I will name it "Out of the Sea Necklace and Earring set. It will sell for $30 due to the high cost of the flat oval mother of pearl beads, but it is well made with 19 strand necklace wire and magnet closure.

This is a necklace I bought!! It is simply a typle of 'thread' that a lady I know in Quartzsite buys and instead of crocheting with it (I have a scarf that I bought last year from her out of the same type of material) she has created a fun, pull over your head necklace! This one will sell for $15
When we went to Mexico I bought some gold necklaces -they are Guadalajara Gold and have 14k stamped in them.
So I found a pretty pendant and created this pretty - with matching earrings.
The crystal pendant has a stem of gold toned leaves crossing it. Within the leaves are rhinestone flowers. The earrings are a single dangle of golden bead with silver crystal bead and then another golden bead - this dangle hangs from a squarish fish hook style earring head with a pounded gold head on it. This set will set for $20.00

This necklace is made up of natural rocks - mainly jasper- I need help with a name for it - any ideas? It nestles at the base of your throat, just perfect to accent a V necked collar. I didn't use the heavy round jasper beads or the bigger oval rocks for the earrings because that would make it tooo heavy in your ears. I just took the accent bead along with some antique gold spacer beads and created a dainty pretty set of earrings to match. The materials in this grouping would cause the necklace set to sell retail for $25.00

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