Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quartzsite Treasures

I finally have started creating more jewelry again - it seems like I was hitting the wall when it came to creativity. But the ideas have started rolling again. Here are some of the items I made while I was down in Arizona, sitting warm and dry inside the trailer while it poured down water outside. This gorgeous ring is my first experience making a ring and no,I didn't create the design. I bought the setting in a 'free for all' bag of beads - but it makes a fantastic cocktail ring. $10.00
I titled this necklace set as Carnelian Heart. It is made with carnelian rock chunks along with a large off centered porcelain heart and circles. Carnelian is a orangeish red natural semiprecious stone. The earrings consists of gold toned studs with dangles of rock . $22 for the set

This is my Malachite Illusion necklace set - gorgeous teal toned malachite chunks with matching teal sparkly beads. Beautiful necklace and earring set. The necklace is made with silver toned wire and findings and has a magnet closure. $18 for the set.
Here I have taken a beautiful natural stone pendant piece and attached it to a fun grouping of plastic beads that highlight the colors in the stone - the whole set is in greens and golds and greys. $20.00 for the set
Here is the full view of the Nested Pearl set - A blister pearl is a natural pearl but the sand attaches to the 'hinge' of the oyster and instead of creating a round ball, it ends up more the shape of the hinge!!! This blister pearl is in a cream toned color of pearl and is nested in a silver toned setting. The silver chain at the necklace holds the fresh water pearls so they can highlight the blister pearl. Magnet closure. $25.oo for the set

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