Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy Day

My neck and shoulders are still sore from spending four hours plus working on my jewelry.  I have been creating necklace with the new Vintag metal paints that create an enamel like surface with baked on glitter and glaze.  I purchased several brass, silver and gold pendants that I use as a base.  In this blog I have a few singles but I am highlighting the pendants that I have painted in different color combination.  When I started this project I purchased all 15 different colors of paint that are in the
Vintag pallets.They were sold in sets of three and the mahjority of the projects I have completed have been within those same sets of THREE colors.

Brass Butterflies - $12 each, with earrings $15

Shadows and Sunshine - a combination of black, golden yellow and cream.  Be sure and double click on the pictures so you can see the shimmer of the baked on enamels, gold glitter and glaze.

This was the first one I did  I had a blouse that was turquoise, gold, green and white and so I created this necklace.
Because the blouse also was decorated with copper I used copper glitter to add the sparkle.

This butterfly is painted with blue, amethyst, and deep pink...the glitter is gold

 While I was painting in pinks, blues and purples I also did several simple necklace pendants. $6.00
 Old fashioned bicycle $8.00

 Three D lacy heart $8

The first necklace that I did with these daisies with center stone beads was the golden rust on the far right.  Each of these sell for $10 each, $12 with earrings

Rust, cream and gold with a rainbow agate bead in the center

Purple, blue and hot pink with a deep burgundy glass pearl

 Yellow, cream and black with a yellow stone bead

The Gilded Goddesses ... These silver toned pendants sell for $10 each

Yellow, cream and black with gold glitter
 Turquoise green, sage green and mint green with silver glitter

 Pale pink, deep hot pink and lavender with silver sparkles

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