Friday, October 19, 2012

Hopefully you don't get tired of these gorgeous metal necklaces

 This Gilded Goddess is done in rusts, browns and yellows on the silver pendant.  I highlighted it with silver glitter, especially on her skirt
 I love butterflies and you will see lots and lots of them on this site.  Again, I took the browns and rusts and a touch of cream to create this beauty - copper glitter sets it off
Can you believe it - the queen of sparklies left off the glitter on this.  The  brass plate was pre-imprinted but the rich purple and blue and hot pink of this piece was sufficient.  No glitter!
Five petal daisy done with rust and browns on a gold background.  The stamen head is actually a bead made up goldstone. 
 This flower is painted with yellows and creams and black...sanded and baked and glazed with just a touch of gold sparkle.

Puffed circle in pink, lavender and blue with silver sparkle.  The pendant does open up so you could glue in a picture to create a locket
Fantabulous leave - brass pendant that I painted and baked in the rusts, yellows, creams, browns - it has a row of rhinestones down the center of the leaf that pick up the color of the paints.  

 I painted this butterfly to match another one of my blouses - it is cream with copper sparkles and the pattern is a combination of greens, browns, rusts, oranges and touches of black.  I have duplicated that color combo in this necklace.
 Colorful squares - this was posted a few days ago on face book with another very similar necklace.  I asked my friends to vote which one they liked best.  The votes tied down the middle but the friend I designed it for picked the other one - so I mailed it off to her and got to keep this one for my store.  This was actually MY favorite of the two ...
Translucent Quartz...I am turning brain dead...I am sure I should be able to come up with a prettier name for this necklace but since it is 12:20 in the middle of the night maybe I can blame it on that!   This necklace is designed around four gorgeous large flat beads somewhat oval somewhat rectangular in shape.  They are translucent with beautiful coloration of brown and tans and almost orange!!  I separated them with triangular shaped plastic sparklies and small brass balls.  The earrings are made of the sparklies and balls as the larger bead would be wayyyyyy to heavy to wear as an earring  $25

Last but not least is This necklace made up of  large clay beads separated with antique gold tone column beads.  The earrings are fun in that they don't match each other but pick up the colors in the necklace Watch this space for better pictures in the future.

I can see this picture didn't tranpose well into this blog so I will get busy and take some more pictures ....TOMORROW 

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