Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting Pendants to Match your wardrobe!!

You've seen most of these already but I want to show you how fun it is to paint a pendant to match an item in your wardrobe
 This Oversized leaf sells for $18 here on my blogspot.  On Etsy is will be listed at $25
The first one I did was done in rusts and browns and yellows with gold glitters
 This one was painted with blues then with two different colors of green.  I touched it with a bit of yellow and cream and then sealed in a silver glitter.
My Goddesses  are painted in pinks and silvers - They sell for $12 here on my blogspot for my friends and $18 each on Etsy.
 Greens and yellows and silvers
 Yellows and creams and blacks and silvers
 Last but not least this one is painted in rusts and browns, a touch of yellow and highlighted with silvers
 This butterfly was painted with creams and yellows and then edge brushed with black - the butterflies sell for $15 each...$25 on
 This blue and green butterfly is highlighted with copper glitter 
 Note the gorgeous colors in this blue, purple and hot pink butterfly
 This Butterfly was painted with the rusts and oranges and browns of Fall

This Butterfly matches a blouse I have in creams and oranges, greens and coppers.
It has been so fun trying to see what each color combination can develop.  When I bought the specialty paints I mainly stuck with the color groups they came in (five sets of three colors each).  Now I am mixing and matching colors with my own little plastic pallette and having a good time with it all.  

If you have a blouse or dress that you haven't been able to match up with the correct necklace - bring it over or send me a picture and let me show you what we can do working together - you will get to choose the pendant, the chain, the colors, the clasp, and the glitter!!   And I will paint it and bake it and sand it and bake it and glitter it and bake it and finally glaze it and bake it again.  !!  Quite a process but look what it does

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