Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Newest Creations

After we got home from our trip to the northwest I was able to go to my favorite bead store and take a class in how to create these enameled metal designs.

This is a new method of jewelry design for me.  I took a plain piece of bronze metal and attacked it with a hammer giving it some depth and interest.  Then I took three bottles of paint - pink, light turquoise and lavender and painted it, baked it, and then scrubbed it with a piece of sandpaper.  then I baked it again and then stencilled the copper glitter butterfly - I then baked it again and sealed it all with a glaze and baked it AGAIN!   I then attached the copper butterfly charm.  I added a couple of lavender Swarovski crystals to each side and then attached the chain that surrounds your wrist closing with a toggle closure ...this creation combines both copper and bronze metals with gorgeous colors for a one of a kind piece of jewelry.
 Lavenders, blues and pinks create this beautiful lavender and brass bracelet with copper glitter butterfly and a cute copper butterfly charm attached to the brass plate.  It attaches with a toggle closure

This gorgeous flower pendant is painted in rusts, coppers, and yellows with an polished agate stone in the center and also in the earrings.  (The colors are truer to the picture below.)

This bracelet is made much like the lavender one.  It has a gold embossed butterfly as a main highlight with a small brass butterfly attached.  This bracelet attaches with a lobster claw.

The Gilded Goddess is painted in pinks and lavenders - both the figurine and the rosettes on the 33 inch chain.

 This butter fly was painted with blues, greens and gold glitter.  A double brass chain connects to a toggle closure at the back of the neck (19 inches)
These silver metal flowers are painted with greens, oranges, pinks, yellows, blues and lavenders (pastels) and then baked, sanded and glittered with silver glitter and then sealed with a glaze and baked again.

These items can be painted in most any color combination.   It is a special paint and I am unable to get it in reds or true golds or silvers.  But if you want something in greys and blacks, pastels, blues, greens, lavenders, rust and oranges, etc it can be made.  Glitter color (gold, silver, copper) depends on the metal and design.  I have all sorts of metal pendants and bracelet slices...keep an eye out for future creations!!!

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